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The Mets playoff dream officially ended after losing to the Nationals


Washington — The dream is dead.

In reality, it was a few days earlier for Mets, but it was officially announced on Saturday at 5:44 pm on JD Davis’ strike against Will Harris. Mets will miss the postseason for the fourth consecutive year.

Jacob DeGrom isn’t enough deGrom, and the lineup behind him is the first doubleheader game that eliminated the Mets from postseason considerations, producing enough juice for the Nationals with a 4 to 3 loss. I couldn’t.

“It’s the toughest loss of the year because we can get out of what we’re trying to achieve,” said manager Luis Rojas. “It wasn’t the season we expected because we were going to be part of the playoff group and couldn’t reach our goal.”

Mets (26-32) was able to survive until Saturday. The final NL wildcard spot remained open, with the Giants, Phillies and Brewers all in a better position to win the award. Even if Mets won the remaining three games, he would have needed a lot of help to secure a sleeper.

Dominic Smith crashes into the outfield wall while chasing a flyball on a home run in the park.AP

“There are many disappointments,” deGrom said. “We were excited to play the full season earlier this year, and we were excited about that kind of closure and the beginning of the summer. But I couldn’t do that.

“We have abolished some games, including today. We have to do a better job today. These guys went out and raised a run for me, And I couldn’t raise zero for them. “

Miguel Castro was charged with the sixth Golan after walking through inning lead-off batter Brock Holt. The Nationals took the lead first with the selection of Yangomez’s subsequent singles and fielders.

In addition to Mets’ fears of missing out on the playoffs this season, only eight teams in each league were expanding the postseason to improve quality rather than five.

However, Mets lags behind early in the race and never recovers. Most notably, the opt-out from the season further weakened the thin spin as Marcus Stroman approached his calf’s recovery from injury. Mets also suffered a disappointing season, especially from Michael Wacha and Steven Matz.

“We were pushing all the time,” Lohas said. “We were playing a lot of catch-up baseball, it felt.”

At the final home stand, where the team went to Braves and Raise 2-4, all the realistic hopes of the Mets rally in the second half disappeared. Mets will finish recording his ninth loss in 12 years.

With the Reds Trevor Bauer in a comfortable position, deGrom probably needed a special afternoon to increase his chances of winning the Cy Young award for the third straight day. DeGrom was a standard deGrom (electrical and annoying), but it wasn’t special.

DeGrom threw the best 113 pitches of the season and was removed after 5 innings. In 5 innings, he won 3 runs on 10 strikes and 2 walks. Right-handed ERA ends at 2.38 and ends as an NL leader with 103 strikes.

Bauer, who leads NL in 1.73 ERA, would have thrown Sunday in a short break if the Reds needed a win. However, the Reds secured a post-season berth on Friday night and excluded Bauer from the start.

When asked who was the winner of the Cy Young Award, deGrom cited Bauer and Udalbish as potential.

“I wanted to attend the meeting, but I don’t think it helped me today,” deGrom said.

A collision between Dominic Smith and the fifth left field fence drew Andrew Stevenson’s in-park homehomer 3-3. Smith, who slipped into the fence with his face in front of him after Stevenson’s ball was deflected from the glove in a corner, was inspected by trainer Bry Anticro and remained in the game.

DeGrom worked up to 4th, but after allowing Holt and Gomez to make consecutive singles, he changed the wild pitch that Holt could score from 3rd and sliced ​​Mets’ lead top 3-2.

DeGrom dented third when Stevenson cleared the right field fence and pulled the Nationals 2-1. It was his second straight start that deGrom approved a home run, and his sixth overall victory of the season.

Amed Rosario, who replaced Andres Guimenez in the second at bat, took a home run in the fourth inning. According to the team, Guimenez started with a diagonal tightening to the right and is likely to have ended his outstanding rookie season, including overtaking Rosario as a short stop for Mets’ start.

Wilson Ramos stopped to praise Max Scherzer’s shot in three innings, dropping a bat on the home plate, jumping over the center run fence and hitting a two-run home run. Home runs were Ramos’ fifth in the season when he was conceded. Mets is a veteran catcher and holds the 2021 option, but it’s quite possible that the team will look in another direction.

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