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The Mix Live Showcase and The Paradox Insider are on Twitch live today -

The Mix Live Showcase and The Paradox Insider are on Twitch live today –

If you thought you could enjoy the weekend without us, you were wrong! Also today we live Twitch channel from with two quotes perhaps considered minor, but that will surely satisfy the wishes of the most hardcore gamers. Starts at 18 with the The Mix Live Showcase reach 20 with him Paradox Insider.

Vincenzo Lettera and Alessandra Borgonovo are already live to tell you about The Mix Live Showcase. It is a special event in which several producers of independent games they organized to present their novelties with the general public. Looking for something original? Do you want to know what the next surprising indie hit will be? You are in the right place.

At 8 pm, on the other hand, Umberto Moioli and Pierpaolo Greco will join us to discover the Paradox Insider, or the digital event that the famous Swedish publisher has organized to present all its news. If you’re a bloody shooter lover, this might not be the right show, but the Paradox Insider should guarantee an exceptional dose of highest level strategic, as well as perhaps some highly anticipated news, such as the tormented Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, the RDA postponed until 2022.

You can follow both live broadcast within this news, in the dedicated box or directly in ours channel contraction, possibly using the official app on iOS and Android. Sign up to receive notifications about new videos!

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