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The most downloaded video games on smartphones and Android, video games for mobile devices

The most downloaded video games on smartphones and Android, video games for mobile devices

The world of applications is constantly growing, as is that of mobile video games now it seems unleashed. Let’s find out together that those are the most downloaded video games both on Android smartphones and iPhones, therefore with an iOS operating system.

Most downloaded video games, Google and Apple rankings

Once again, it is the statistical experts at Sensor Tower who reveal the ranking that we are about to know, in fact, we have to talk about double ClassificationLet’s start with Apple. Here are the most downloaded video games on iPhone, after the Cupertino giant’s App Store:

10 – Candy Crush Saga
09 – Fate / Grand Order
08 – Uma Musume
07 – WW Fantasy Trip
06 – Pokémon GO
05 – 3 Kindoms Tactics
04 – Roblox
03 – Genshin Impact
02 – PUBG Mobile
01 – Honor of kings

These are therefore the most popular titles when it comes to AppleFirst of all we have Honor of Kings, a multiplayer online battlefield developed by TiMi Studio Group and published by Tencent Games for mobile platforms. But now let’s move on to Android, then the most downloaded games in the Play Store:

10 – Lineage M
09 – Roblox
08 – Fate / Grand Order
07 – PUBG Mobile
06 – Candy Crush Saga
05 – Pokémon GO
04 – Odin: Valhalla Rising
03 – Coin Master
02 – Garena’s Free Fire
01 – Genshin Impact

In this case at first place We have an open world and free action RPG developed by Chinese software house miHoYo last year.

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The most downloaded video games, the top ten

Now let’s move on to the general ranking, from here we can understand that the number of downloads on the iPhone is much, much higher than the to download your Android.

10 – Fate / Grand Order
09 – A mutual
08 – Garena’s Free Fire
07 – Coin Master
06 – Candy Crush Saga
05 – Roblox
04 – Pokémon GO
03 – Genshin Impact
02 – Honor of kings
01 – PUBG Mobile.

In the first place, therefore, a qualification from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds series, it is a dynamic adventure video game and Battle royal.

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