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The most promising new video game franchise of 2020 makes no difference


2020 included many promising new franchises In addition to notable sequels like Last of us part 2 Re-imagination like FINAL FANTASY VII Remake.. As part of ReverseAt the end of the year celebration of video games, we asked our readers about their favorite video games in 2020.

1,258 respondents Weighted on the most promising new game franchise of 2020.Games like Fall Guys, Valuing, Genshin Impact,and Hades Everything went well, and two newcomers jumped to the top. These are two of the biggest games of 2020 and have little in common.

This is the person who got the most votes. It was a fairly close call, splitting first and second with just nine votes.

  1. Ghost of Tsushima: 35.1% (433 votes)
  2. Among us: 34.4% (442 votes)

2.2. Among us

on the other hand Among us Is still a technically new franchise, and the game first debuted in 2018. It says it created an internet sensation this summer, thanks to Twitch Streamer and YouTuber. Among usCreated by a team of just three people, a murder mystery multiplayer game where players need to eradicate scammers in a group of crew before everyone is killed.

A simple and memorable formula that you can easily pick up and play. Among us It has a bad reputation in the mainstream and is played on Twitch by politicians like Alexandria Ocasiocortes. Such, Among us What I’m saying here is that you probably don’t have to worry about going somewhere soon.for example 2 among us was canceled, Among us We receive continuous support.

It just appeared on the Nintendo Switch and will be released on the Xbox console next year. The major update adds a new map in 2021 and hopes it’s not the last.all Among us Needs are TV shows or movies to truly solidify it as a multimedia franchise. Still, this is an IP that will become part of the public zeitgeist in the future.

1.1. Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima A rare new IP from Sucker Punch Productions, a leading first-party console maker owned by Sony. Notorious This new franchise is set in feudal Japan. Ghost of Tsushima Follows Hitoshi Sakai, a samurai trying to regain his hometown from the invaded Mongolia.

As a result, a large open world adventure has begun. It was clearly loved by many players who couldn’t wait for more adventures in the gaming world in the cold. Feudal Japan was a setting full of possibilities, and sucker punches have already extended it with a unique multiplayer mode. No sequel has been confirmed at this time.

That said, it’s clear Ghost of Tsushima There are many franchise possibilities. Job information The sequel is already in production and Sony should be interested in making a sequel. Ghost of Tsushima Sold very well For new IP.Sony also confirmed To CNBC Three movies and seven TV shows based on the PlayStation franchise are in production, so you could probably watch them. Ghost of Tsushima Immediately in a new medium.

If you miss either Among us Or Ghost of TsushimaGive them a shot on holidays. There is no doubt that both will increase further in the future.

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