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The navigation app looks so spectacular now

The navigation app looks so spectacular now

Google Maps has now become a must-have app for many people all over the world. The range of functions has been greatly expanded in recent years, so that you can not only find the best route, but also know how long a store will be open and how busy it is. Now the optics have been revised and the change is really something.

Google Maps lets you experience the world in a new way

Update of July 29, 2022: google has them Unlocked “immersive view” for almost 100 points of interest on Google Maps (Font: Google). With it you can see well-known landmarks in Barcelona, ‚Äč‚ÄčLondon, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo. So it looks like this:

The release is likely to happen in waves. I have not yet been able to enable the feature on the Pixel 6 Pro in London and New York. But it will be activated immediately.

Original article:

Google already offers two views in the Maps app. A bird’s eye view with satellite images and street view of the Google cars that have traveled around the world. Through artificial intelligence and computer vision, Google has combined both perspectives and created a completely new view. The objective is, to create a digital model of the world in which you can move and feel what it would be like to be there. Using London, Google shows what it will look like:

Google Maps: new immersive view introduced

But it doesn’t end with the 3D model, because Time, weather and traffic are also taken into account.. This gives you the most realistic view possible of what certain locations, landmarks, stores, etc. look like. All in real time, so you can check the situation at the restaurant two streets down, for example. This works on almost all smartphones and similar devices. After London, big cities like Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo will soon follow. Other cities are planned.

Google brings environmentally friendly route planning to Germany

A few months ago, Google offered the option of Introduced eco-friendly route planning on Maps in the US and Canada. This feature is coming to Europe soon. This way you can find a route that uses less fuel and saves you money. The feature is very welcome, especially given today’s very high fuel prices.

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