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the network revealed the truth about time travelers

the network revealed the truth about time travelers

Blogger David Gamble talked about old images of people looking at iPhones. He gave several examples and explained what is actually described.

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Half blogger revealed the truth about “time travelers”. For example, the 1860 painting depicts a girl who is supposedly holding a smartphone in her hands and looking at it. The painting entitled “The Expected” was painted by the Austrian artist Feddinand Georg Waldmüller. However, instead of an iPhone, he holds a prayer book in his hands and the girl goes to church.

Picture "Expected"
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A fresco by artist Umberto Romano called “Mr. Pynchon and the Springfield Settlement” shows a man allegedly holding a smartphone in his hands. The painting shows events in the 1630s in the United States, and in the hands of a man there is a mirror.

Cool "Mr. Pynchon and Springfield Settlement"

Gamble writes that Dutch painter Peter de Hooch’s painting in 1670 also has no iPhone. The very title of the painting reveals the secret: “A man delivers a letter to a woman in the hall of the house.”

Picture "A man delivers a letter to a woman in the hallway of a house"

As reported OBOZREVATEL, September 14 took place the presentation of Apple, where it was shown new iPhone 13. Total introduced four “apple” smartphone models: iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max. Prices of the new iPhone 13 in Ukraine presumably start from 28 thousand hryvnia.

According to media reports, Apple will launch the next iPhone 14, which will have completely new design. This will be facilitated by increased competition with other smartphone manufacturers.