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The new application for PS5 allows you to modify DualSense

A new app from a young independent developer lets you tweak and test the PS5’s DualSense. Too bad it only works on some devices.

The new application for PS5 allows you to modify the DualSense (photo: Sony)

What this application can do is allow whoever owns the new console Sony to modify the configurations controller button feedback. At this time there are already several games who take advantage of adaptive triggers of the new controllers, but not all, and in any case, it is not possible to independently decide the feedback while gaming.

To remedy this deficiency Sony, a developer Independent decided to create an application that, with a clear and simple user interface, allows gamers to change the way they experience games.

PS5 App: Controller Activation Test

The new application for PS5 allows you to modify DualSense
The new application for PS5 allows you to modify DualSense (photo: Rihab Mehboob)

The application is called PS5 Controller Trigger Test, coast $ 1.99 and you can find it right now just by iOS devices with operating system from version 14.5. However, its developer, Rihab Mehboob, has already publicly promised to learn how to code for devices as well. Android And so, if you have the new PlayStation 5 console and you are an Android user, sooner or later you will also be able to experiment and have fun with the different possible configurations of your controller.

To be able to play with your DualSense you have to plug it in Alabama device mobile on which you downloaded the app, but that’s it. Through the application you can see how much battery remained in your controller, you can also change the color turn on and change the feedback. You can evaluate several combinations vibration with even the possibility of having a different configuration for the left and right trigger. There are also some Preset play with. The new driver developed by Sony is certainly very advanced from a technological point of view and that is why it seems strange to us, but we also found it strange that there were no colored covers, that Sony has not yet thought of an official application.

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Who knows if, like the story of the colored facades, in a few months there will not be an application to manage the controller with an official Sony product. And probably when this official app comes out, the twenty-year-old developer will just have to start messing around with a few apps for Microsoft and Xbox.