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The new DLC confirms that Michael is still alive in GTA 5

The new DLC confirms that Michael is still alive in GTA 5

The last DLC from Gta online seems to prove (or reconfirm) that Michael De Santa, one of the three protagonists of Grand Theft Auto V, still alive after the events of the main game. Franklin – one of the characters – mentions Michael in a mission called The Contract while passing by one’s property cinema Studio: I know one of the producers around here, man. I hope he is not working today, ”he says.

This is believed to be a reference to Michael. THE fan You may recall that Michael worked as a movie producer on Grand Theft Auto V, and this conversation piece seems to confirm that he is still alive and working in that capacity.

Gta Online: the new DLC is called The Contract

Michael dies in one of the final three of story in GTA V. Trevor dies in another. As a result, it appears that the third ending, which Franklin, Trevor, and Michael live in, is the canonical ending. As Kotaku points out, a recent update from GTA Online you may have already tried it, as well as the survival by Michael, but now we have even more evidence that he’s still alive and well.

The contract is labeled as Online history of GTA ‘, which implies that there may be more episodes on the way, but this is only one speculation at this time. Rockstar said in 2013 that a new story-focused DLC would be released featuring the heroes of GTA V.

When GTA V and GTA Online will release a March 2022 his Play station 5 me Xbox Series X, the games should be even bigger. GTA V, released in 2013, sold a staggering 155 million copies, while GTA Online never stops and continues to make money thanks to its plethora of microtransactions.

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