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The new 'drunk mode' that will block the apps you want

The new ‘drunk mode’ that will block the apps you want

One of the biggest fears and risks you run when taking is to use the cell phone, because many times mistakes and recklessness are made that lead to repentance.

According to the official website of the National Patent Office from China, on February 5, China’s home appliance company Gree Electric announced a proprietary technology for cell phones called “Method and interactive system for a drunk mode for smart phones”.

The aim of this invention is delay and restrict some apps to ensure that users avoid embarrassing situations, through a verification process.

Likewise, according to the local media My drivers, people will be able to set the method choosing which applications you want to restrict, that is to say that once the ‘drunk mode’ is activated the mobile will delay the pre-established ‘apps’. In addition, you must also establish the sobriety check rules.

It should be noted that when the user wants to deactivate it, they must pass the sobriety checkotherwise the system will remain active.

Over time, Gree has ventured into the world of new telephony technologies mobile, continuously applies for patents and strives to launch various generations of products.

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