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the new firmware improves the performance of some games

The PS5 recently received a big update firmware that, among other things, added the possibility of expand memory system. Now some experts say that the new software also improves the performance of some games.

On Digital Foundry Direct’s latest weekly show, the team discussed the differences in performance of the PS5 in the new and old firmware. ‘In very select settings, it seems that everyone PlayStation 5 runs faster than before with this new firmware, ”said Richard Leadbetter of Digital Foundry.

PlayStation 5: update the console to the latest version

He went on to explain that the performance differences are very small. The new firmware was causing some games, Control me the devil may cry 5, they ran 2-3% faster than previous firmware. This resulted in an increase in frame rate, only around 1 or 2 FPS.

The discovery came when Digital Foundry was testing the recent PlayStation 5 hardware review that has a different cooling group, improved support and other minor improvements. At the end of the tests, found no significant differences between the review and the PS5 release edition.

However, during testing, they began to notice that the old PlayStation 5 performed slightly better than the new one. Upon further investigation, they realized that the old PS5 was running updated firmware, while the newer hardware was running older firmware. After updating all test units to the latest hardware, now available to the public, Digital Foundry realized that it was the software update that was causing the change in performance.

This performance increase affects the release versions of PS5 and the new hardware revision. The improved performance is probably not apparent to the naked eye, but it is fascinating to think of software updates that further optimize the performance of the console.

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