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The new Mass Effect game seems to be set right after Mass Effect 3

The new Mass Effect game seems to be set right after Mass Effect 3

At the end of The Game Awards 2020 live stream, BioWare made fun of New mass effect game..Based on the teaser, it looks like a continuation of Mass effect 3 story.

The trailer begins with the camera flying in space, and you can hear various science fiction tweets on the radio. Eventually, you’ll see debris, such as broken Mass Effect relays. The trailer ends with a clam (probably Riara) roaming in the snow of the icy planet. Against the backdrop of the Dead Reaper, she picks up N7’s armor and looks at her companions in the background.

Commander Shepard-probably the owner of that N7 armor-dies at the end of Mass effect 3 Regardless of the player’s choice. The Mass Effect relay, which allows intergalactic movement, is also completely inactive.

This sequel later appears to explore the galaxy Mass effect 3, Where Shepherd used Citadel to radically change all life in the universe.

The teaser simply ends with “mass effect continues”.official Mass Effect Twitter account BioWare tweeted that it is in the prototype stage for what is possible Mass effect 4..

BioWare Check out new Mass Effect projects A team of veteran developers was working in November, saying they were developing a new game.

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