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The new OnePlus 9 possible design leaked

The new OnePlus 9 possible design leaked

This year was a pretty unusual year for OnePlus. The company has lost one of its co-founders and is refraining from offering the latest Pro version of the OnePlus 8T, launching a more budget-friendly device as part of its new device. Nord lineup.. However, it seems that the company is already preparing for 2021 and may already be preparing the design for its next device, the OnePlus 9.

New renderings of what looks like the new OnePlus 9 have arrived, and they come to us thanks to the people above 91 units.. This site is well known for posting images from Leaker @OnLeaks, but it doesn’t seem to be the case, so you might want to get rid of this leak with a grain of salt.

Now, the image shows the most relevant design aspects of the new OnePlus 9. You can see that it may arrive on a flat display with a punched selfie camera. This display is said to be larger than that of the OnePlus 8T. The back panel retains that curve and you can also see the triple lens camera setup.

Anonymous sources at 91mobiles say the new OnePlus 9 also features a 120Hz refresh rate display, which has the same refresh rate as the OnePlus 8T. This new information could remove some weight from previous rumors that OnePlus may be ready to include a 144Hz refresh rate display on its 2021 device. However, it’s also important to remember that we’re talking about regular OP 9 rather than the OP 9 Pro version. Therefore, technically, there may still be opportunities.

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Rumor has it that the new OnePlus 9 will be released Sometime in March To try to put some pressure on Samsung’s new Galaxy S21 Or the Galaxy S30 lineup, which will be available in January.

Source 91 units

via Android Authority