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The new Pokemon Leak is exciting Nintendo Switch fans

The new Pokemon Leak is exciting Nintendo Switch fans

new Pokemon Leaks are exciting Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch fans. this month, Pokemon Sword and Shields Second DLC, Crown Tundra, Released, with hours of content added exclusively to Switch and Switch Lite.But many Pokemon Fans are already looking forward to the next release, including the next mainline release coming next year.Taking advantage of this expectation, a new leak surfaced teasing Pokemon Fans were excited about what’s coming from the next series, and in the process.

On Twitter, Centro Pokemon has published an excerpt from a licensed magazine provided by GB Eye, with some interesting information.For one thing, it claims to be new Pokemon Some apps will be released in the fourth quarter of 2020, next month or two months. Meanwhile, License Magazine also expects a new line of special products for the 25th anniversary of the series.Finally, the magazine is in 2021 Pokemon brand.

Well, it’s unclear if the magazine expects a big 2021 Pokemon Because of the anniversary mentioned above, or because we know what we don’t know. You might think the former, but it seems that magazines are aware of new apps that the general public is unaware of.

Of course, take everything here with a grain of salt. Not only is nothing official here, but it is not exactly clear what is based on specific information or speculation. Although, Pokemon Fans were particularly excited in 2021.

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