WhatsApp gets new features at regular intervals. A feature that affects you personally has now been unlocked. You can create your own avatar on WhatsApp and become a part of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp allows the creation of an avatar

If you have already sent all the emoji, GIFs and stickers and are looking for something new for WhatsApp, then this new feature might be for you. In the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android, you can become a part of WhatsApp yourself. WhatsApp now allows Creating an avatarthat you can use not only as a profile photo, but also as a sticker with different poses and emotions.

Now you can create an avatar of yourself on WhatsApp. (Image source: GIGA)

You can find the function in the settings. There, the item’s avatar has reappeared. You will be guided with an explanation and you will be able to make many settings for the appearance and clothing of the avatar. You may create your own personal image. If you are done, then you save the avatar, you can use it as a profile picture and send the stickers adapted to it.

Although the new feature initially only appeared on WhatsApp for Android, it should soon be available for iPhone users as well if everything works in the beta test. It currently looks very good. I couldn’t find any errors.

The best alternatives to WhatsApp presented in the video:

The avatar can also be deleted.

If you have created an avatar on WhatsApp and you are not satisfied with it anymore, you can simply delete it and create a new avatar. The design options are so diverse that you can let your creativity run wild. You don’t have to design your avatar according to yourself, you can really let off steam. As soon as the feature is available to everyone, we will let you know.