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The new Wi-Fi standard: speed, uses and purposes


Although many users have not yet moved to Wi-Fi 6, let alone Wi-Fi 6e, the big tech companies are already laying the groundwork for the future. Wi-Fi 7.

To simplify the illogical Wi-Fi coding system based on the original IEEE specification, the WiFi Alliance introduced a simple number sequence from Wi-Fi 0 (formerly 802.11) to Wi-Fi 7 (formerly 802.11be).

However, to complicate things enough, Wi-Fi 6e was also coined, which is still 802.11ax and theoretically has identical speed to Wi-Fi 6, but since older devices can’t use it, the speed actual should be higher. The Wi-Fi 6 Release 2 standard was also more recently announced.

Finally, Wi-Fi 7, technically known as 802.11b, is also given the unrelated abbreviation EHT (Extremely High-Throughput).

The Wi-Fi 7 standard winks at virtual and augmented reality

Aside from the confusion over Wi-Fi standards, TNW points out that the Wi-Fi 7 It is designed for the most demanding contexts, including virtual reality and augmented reality, games and remote work, thanks to a theoretical maximum data transfer speed of 46 Gbps, although in real contexts it will probably reach 40. To get an idea, such band would allow you to download a copy of a Blu-Ray movie in seconds.

The other advantage of Wi-Fi 7 is that it doubles the number of transmissions IN SPITE OF 8 to 16, which could allow multiple devices to benefit from simultaneous high-speed connections.

However, the first Wi-Fi 7 devices likely won’t arrive until next year, and they may be on their own. high-end business devicesIn addition, this standard will only be available in countries that allow the use of the 6 GHz band, the same band required for Wi-Fi 6e, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Brazil.

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