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The “No Skyrim” mod for the PC version of “Skyrim SE” has been removed from Nexus Mods. A full-length joke that makes the game “unplayable” Mod | AUTOMATION


On August 26, mod developer That Little Commie began distributing the mod “No Skyrim” for the PC version of “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition” (hereinafter “Skyrim SE”) via the Nexus Mods mod exchange platform. However, it appears that Nexus Mods removed it the next day.The playerEtc. are reporting.

“No Skyrim” is a mod created for the PC version of “Skyrim SE”. Developer That Little Commie said on the Nexus Mods page that the mod was his masterpiece and the greatest mod of all time. He also said that he hoped it would work well so that he couldn’t “play the game” because no one could ask for a playtest. Actually, this mod is a prank mod that makes it impossible to start playing “Skyrim SE” once entered.

After the mod was distributed, in the comment section of Nexus Mods, there were voices praising it as “definitely the best mod” and questions like “Is it a Lore compatible mod?” Or there was a request like “Would you like to update it so my wife can use it?”

TooRedditHowever, “I can finally worship sunlight” “There is still a bug where the Nintendo Switch version can be played. Please correct it.” “Instead of 200 kinds of mods,” Skyrim SE “is just one. Isn’t that a very efficient mod that won’t start? “After understanding that it’s a joke mod, it seems like it’s interesting in the community.

However, the Nexus Mods operator has removed “No Skyrim”. The reason is unknown, but it may have been found to violate the Terms of Service. The Nexus Mods Mod Publishing Guidelines prohibit mods from using specific expressions, but “No Skyrim” is a mod that simply makes Skyrim SE unplayable, so it doesn’t violate that rule.

On the other hand, it can be said that there were some shortcomings in the fact that the guidelines require the content of the mod to be clearly stated. Also, modifications must be submitted in a working state, not those that damage user property. It may have been misunderstood that the content of the mod, “The game will not be playable”, does not meet those requirements.

By the way, developer ThatLittleCommie has been working on mods like “No Whiterun”, “No Windhelm” and “No Solitude” that remove specific areas from “Skyrim SE”.Nexus modsDistributing in. “No Skyrim” seems to be the latest evolution of those mods, but the whole joke doesn’t seem to make sense to Nexus Mods.

Following the removal of “No Skyrim”, That Little Commie is an online signature site to ask Nexus Mods to remove the provision.Change.orgHe began recruiting supporters in. At the time of writing, some 170 signatures have been collected. Reddit has also created a subreddit called “Save No Skyrim” to seek fan support. Will Nexus Mods listen to those voices and allow “No Skyrim” distribution to resume? Currently, “No Skyrim” is from That Little Commie.RedditYou can download it directly from post a.

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