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The November BRAWL TALK dubbed in Italian is CRAZY!

The November BRAWL TALK dubbed in Italian is CRAZY!

The November BRAWL TALK dubbed in Italian is CRAZY! – Brawl Stars

Have you ever wondered how would be the BRAWL TALK dubbed in Italian? I did this experiment on Youtube and many liked it.

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A few days ago I posted a video on Youtube, where I experimented with the Italian translation of the Brawl Talk, dubbing it completely as if it were of Italian origin. Initially I was a little afraid that this experiment would fail, yet it has almost exceeded 5,000 views and since I am a small up-and-coming Youtuber I think there are a lot too.

It all started with the thought: Who knows how many players are bothered by reading the subtitles in Brawl Talk, or how many would prefer to watch the video in Italian instead of focusing on both the video and the subtitles. I understand English quite well, but I’m sure many of the Brawl Stars players have some difficulty understanding everything they say in English right?

That’s why I decided to do the dubbing of the November Brawl Talk and it succeeded since to date I have received many views and many LIKE that make it clear that the format is liked and therefore we will bring it back to DECEMBER!

I leave you the video on this page and let me know what you think by commenting below the video! Here is the video link to COMMENT:

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