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The objective is to give a second life to household waste: the Reuse Center in Cagliari is born

The objective is to give a second life to household waste: the Reuse Center in Cagliari is born

As of February 6, the Sardinian capital will open a space where, on certain days of the week, it will be possible to bring objects of common use that would be disposed of in landfills but that may be reused (for example, old clothes or toys) and anyone can take them for free. A way to promote a circular economy model.

Do you no longer know what to do with an old toy, a slightly dated piece of furniture or a dress that you no longer wear? You have probably noticed that the objects I just listed are many difficult to recycle. Its fate would be to end up in the unsorted trash and then dump or, at best, in a waste-to-energy plant. Before you throw them away, if you can still “get the job done, why not donate them, perhaps giving them a second chance with another owner?”

This idea is based on “Reuse Center” that will open its doors to Cagliari (and precisely at number 8, via Contivecchi) tomorrow, February 6. What exactly is it about? Every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., in the capital of Sardinia, anyone, as long as they have an EcoCard or health card and are registered in the Tari database of the municipality of Cagliari, can deliver clothes, articles and baby accessories, home tools, sports equipment, games, chairs and other furniture. And whoever wants can instead request them free.

If the purpose of the recycling is to reduce as much as possible the amount of the undifferentiated fraction – the dry, to be clear – by enhancing the waste of each material (organic, paper, plastic, aluminum, glass, etc.), with this system we want to make the management of some categories of household waste a little more “complicated” to dispose of more sustainable, promoting its reuse. However, to ensure the safety of future users, it will not be possible to sell the so-called WeeeThat is, wasting electrical and electronic equipment such as televisions, radios, computers, smartphones, tablets, appliances, and battery-powered toys.

The birth of a space such as the Cagliari Reuse Center represents, however, an example of public awareness on environmental issues and, in particular, on the development ofcircular economy, trying to overcome the vision ofdisposable.

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