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The Ohio State University-Maryland Football Game Cancellation is Signed Up by Big Ten: Dagres Melizes


Columbus, Ohio-The order of the September 16th days when Big Ten declared autumn football a resurgence was cautious confidence. That day, a seven-day rolling average of Ohio coronavirus cases was 1,033, according to Johns Hopkins University coronavirus follow-ups.

That desired day arrived more than a month after Big Ten announced the cancellation of autumn sports, including football, on August 11. On that day of disappointment, the seven-day rolling average for the Ohio case was 1,095.

Ohio’s seven-day rolling average on Tuesday was 6,508. On Wednesday, the scheduled Ohio State University Saturday match in Maryland was canceled, but not because it was happening in Ohio. The Ohio State University football team hasn’t released test numbers, but managed to stop the virus. The proof is that Buckeyes hasn’t stopped playing and practicing football since the decision to reopen in September.

The problem is that the increase in coronavirus seen in Ohio is occurring throughout the state that houses the Big Ten football team. It’s happening throughout the state that houses college football teams. It’s happening everywhere.

When Big Ten revived fall football, in the tough daily tests it planned, I think the meeting honestly thought it had a chance to survive the season without losing the game. The reality has begun. For example, the SEC and ACC have always thought they believed more in playing. Use The player is positive on the test.Big Ten seemed more enthusiastic about playing None The player is positive on the test.

Currently, Ohio State University Maryland has lost its third Big Ten Game in four weeks. Athletes, parents, coaches and athletic directors wanted the fall season and fought for it publicly and privately. They got it. As science opened the door, the league changed its mind and wanted almost everyone involved in the conference to play. There’s a financial reward, and Big Ten is getting some of the money on TV. However, the league has lost almost all of the ticket money as Big Ten is playing in an empty stadium. Except for about 1,000 friends and family. Other leagues are accepting more fans. No major meeting is as cautious as the Big Ten.

After all, no league survived this pandemic season without postponing or canceling the game. 58 games have been postponed or canceled in 11 weeks.

When asked if he was surprised to lose the match to Ohio State University coach Ryan Day on Thursday, he said he was surprised at how quickly the cancellation took place. Buckeyes went within 30 minutes of hearing that Maryland had canceled it from another practice preparation Wednesday afternoon.

“It was like’why it happened’,” Day said. “And I think it’s with me. Don’t be surprised what’s happening right now.”

All in all, Mr. Day said, “I knew it wasn’t easy.”

Big Ten has set a number of positive test thresholds for programs that require cancellations required at the conference. Maryland withdrew carefully before reaching that number, as Wisconsin did before canceling the second week’s match. Maryland reported that eight players tested positive. At the Mountain West Conference, Boise State University, nine players took part in the positive test Thursday night, and five more were sent off by contract trace.

But when the Big Ten comes back, it only comes back cautiously. Health officials at the University of Maryland have consulted with the league to recommend cancellation. Day said everyone knew that one test criterion was one, but public and university health authorities would play a role in decision-making.

“We know it’s not perfect,” Day said. Achieving that is our current situation. “

Eleven major college football games scheduled for this weekend have been postponed or canceled due to coronavirus test positives or contact tracing associated with those positives. Too many players on the team had it, or too many players tested positive and were around people who were abstained as a result.

The number of games postponed each weekend is increasing. Last week it was 10. The previous week was 3. The week before Big Ten first played, only two major sports games were postponed.

The overall ratio is still on the Big Ten side. Ohio State University-Maryland is the third conference game canceled after two games were lost due to an outbreak in Wisconsin. Badgers are back on track to play Michigan on Saturday, and if things continue throughout the weekend, Big Ten will play 25 of 28 games throughout the first four weeks of the season, 89 percent success rate.

The SEC, which started playing on the weekend of September 26, has postponed four of the seven games scheduled for this weekend. This will bring the total SEC postponement from 8 to 7 weeks, with 43 out of 50 games playing on schedule. 86 percent success rate.

The ACC, which began in the week of September 12, canceled or postponed five games, including this week’s Georgia Institute of Technology, unlike the SEC and Big Ten, which allowed member teams to play one non-conference game. it was done. But if nothing else changes this weekend, 66 out of 71 games will be played as planned. 93 percent success rate.

Therefore, if 86%, 89%, or 93% of the games fail as planned, they will continue to play. If it starts to take a few more weeks for the SEC to see half of the schedule wiped out, you probably need to ask a question. Pac-12 started playing last weekend and lost two out of six games in the first week. All six games are on schedule this week. When you start 10 of 12 83 percent success.

Both Pac-12 and Big Ten canceled the season and then canceled it, starting later than SEC, ACC and Big 12, resulting in the loss of the Wiggle Room. Games not played on BigTen and Pac-12 will be cancelled. Games not played in ACC, SEC or Big 12 are usually postponed to December. This is because these meetings started early and were incorporated into plans to adjust for lost games for several weeks.

But if you lose too many games, every meeting runs out of wiggles.

In deciding to reopen, Ohio State University’s new president, Christina Johnson, stuck to the idea of ​​a “clean” arena. This was based on the belief that positive players would be flagged in daily tests, including the morning of the match. Maryland coach Mike Locksley told reporters Thursday night that Maryland had a clean stadium while confusing Penn State last Saturday, given the match day test. ..

Then something happened. Locksley said he had no idea how the player was infected with the virus, as most of the players were quarantined at a hotel near the Maryland campus until Sunday. But he said Terrapins is preparing for a scheduled match against Michigan State University next Saturday.

Optimism remains mixed with the present reality.

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