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The Parisian evokes the sites of Pochettino in PSG and in particular the game

The Parisian evokes the sites of Pochettino in PSG and in particular the game

We still have to wait for an official communication from Paris Saint-Germain, but Mauricio Pochettino is expected to replace coach Thomas Tuchel very soon, fired Wednesday night. So The parisian He has already addressed the Argentine “sites” in Paris. The diary evokes “A game identity, quick!«,« Finally climb the peaks«, “Taming your stars«, “The urgency to empty the infirmary “AND” The communication thread to reweave“The most interesting in detail is the first point, while we can quickly see what the former PSG player (2001-2003) and Tottenham manager (2014-2020) must do for the rest (go to the final of the Champions League , manage your group, avoid injuries and find a more positive exchange).

“His playing philosophy is well known, modeled on the principles theorized by Marcelo Bielsa. The Argentine, 17 years older than him, directed him to Espanyol Barcelona as in the selection with which the new PSG coach has 20 layers. Like his mentor, he enjoys kicking the ball from behind, the intense pressure, high volume of runs for offensive play, and a gritty style. Although he is not frozen in any system, it is in the 4-2-3-1 that he reached the final of the 2019 Champions League, his greatest achievement so far. Therefore, the Parisians will learn to run again, who often left a static memory during this first phase of the Champions League where they completed fewer kilometers than their rivals.

« They know the rule if they want to be: sweat, sweat, and sweat again. “

With Pochettino, PSG goes back to an old football cliché: the star should be the team and not the individuals, whereas PSG had become that lately. The new coach has a great month to find the right men for his ideas. The main revolution will affect the midfielder where they can be very numerous for two places if none are sold this winter. They know the rule if they want to be: sweat, sweat, and sweat again. “

With Bielsa as a mentor, Pochettino can only advocate a game full of intensity and effort, with offensive flair. Which is tempting on paper, but remains to be successfully implemented at PSG with everyone’s ego. Because their predecessors Unai Emery and Thomas Tuchel also came with offensive ideas, great pressure and a strong team for ultimately disappointing results as the game was irregular and the team difficult to present.

There are great promises with the Argentine, a former PSG who has long proclaimed the desire to one day return to the club to be their coach. So we hope everything goes well and that the story goes well for him in Paris. But we must not forget to measure this enthusiasm. Especially since Pochettino has the difficulty of having to quickly put his philosophy into action since he arrives in a launched season. This with a particularly busy schedule, preparation that will remain minimal, and injuries that will not all return when training resumes.

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