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The perfect games and hobbies for an autumn at home with our dogs


With the arrival of autumn we are spending more and more time indoors. After all, this is normal, because temperatures drop and rain becomes more frequent. This means that we have to seek other hobbies besides picnics and summer baths by the sea. Therefore, we can watch a good television series that can keep us company for dozens of hours. Or we can spend some time with our children if we have any.

Let’s not forget that many of us have dogs and cats at home, which are also worthy of attention at this time of year. And luckily we can entertain them in a lot of fun ways even in October and beyond. So let’s discover the perfect games and hobbies for an autumn at home with our dogs.

This is what we can do

The summer was full of moments of play and relaxation in the open air for our dog. That is why it is also normal for you to spend more time at home to rest at this time of year. In this way, you can recharge your batteries to start over in spring. However, it is better not to keep the dog very little inactive.

Playing with him we can keep him active, full of energy and, above all, happy. After playing, he and we will have fun. Fall is also a good time to teach her a few simple movements, like sitting up or kicking her feet. So this is a good time for both playing and teaching.

The perfect games and hobbies for an autumn at home with our dogs

If we have a fairly spacious house we can play fetch, the most common among toys for dogs. We take a ball or a stick and throw it across the room. The dog will bring it to us running from top to bottom. This is a good way to keep the animal active and not leave it lying down all day.

However, we are careful not to cause disaster in the house. In order to play this game, in fact, we must be sure that they are not there. mobile or dangerous spots, so that our four-legged friend can run freely. Clearly, the transport inside is only suitable for medium or small sized dogs.

The second very fun game for our friend is hide and seek. Let’s take the dog’s favorite toy and hide it somewhere in the house. Then give it a try and let me find it. To make this hobby more rewarding, we guarantee a reward to our friend when he can find it. One kibble should be enough to motivate him to do many hide and seek sessions.

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