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The Perfect Gaming Desk: Essential Tips For Furniture And Ambience

The Perfect Gaming Desk: Essential Tips For Furniture And Ambience

Not all console gamers necessarily sit on a couch in front of a big TV. Some people also prefer the classic configuration of a PC with a monitor and a desk, in front of which they sometimes spend many hours. For this particular reason, this area should not be neglected too much. Among other things, the choice of furniture, the light sources used, but also the appropriate decoration play a decisive role here.

With the right approach, all these aspects can be very well coordinated and a coherent overall picture is created in which you not only feel comfortable, but can also pursue your hobby or work in a healthier way. To make it easier for you to find tips for setting up your personal gaming desk, we’ve rounded up some of the essentials here.

The right desk and chair are the most important!

In most cases, as mentioned above, a lot of time is spent at a gaming desk, like in a classic studio. It is not uncommon for one to assume an uncomfortable and permanently damaging posture without realizing it. In addition to personal preferences, it is useful if the desk is adjustable in height. This means you can play or work while sitting or standing and your back is noticeably relieved. The manufacturer flex point offers, among other things, a large selection of different models that are height-adjustable and thus enable ergonomic working methods, also especially for gamers. Our hardware review a few months ago showed how comfort can be greatly increased. There are different sizes and variants with additional compartments for storage space. Accordingly, there is a suitable model for everyone, and the order can be quickly and easily implemented from home.

It’s much easier to work with when it’s tidy.

Not only the desk, but also the right chair or gaming seat is essential to work and play comfortably. It is also very individual what exactly is defined as comfortable. Most people prefer a classic office chair with armrests. However, there are also options for an ergonomic seating position. stools or balls to sit on so that the back straightens automatically. Especially for gamers, the demands are often even higher to find the right seat, which is why several manufacturers have specialized in this. This is very tiring at first and when you get used to it, but it pays off even more in the long run.

Pay attention to the right light so you don’t sit in the dark!

Choosing a comfortable light is important in any room, but in the studio it is essential, while in gaming it has more aesthetic reasons. Especially if you spend a lot of time in front of a screen. So that the eyes do not tire too quickly, the light must be aligned accordingly and be able to adapt to external lighting conditions. It is also important that the windows have roller blinds or pleated blinds so that the sun does not dazzle you in the midday hours. Otherwise, this can become very uncomfortable and disturb concentration at work or sometimes decide between victory and defeat in a fast-paced match. So it makes sense to think about possible solutions early on, with solutions that are especially exciting for the player room being available. .

Advice: The tendency to use a second screen is increasing, so it must also be taken into account when choosing opaque furniture and blinds.

Ensure a personal atmosphere with suitable decoration!

Even if most of the work is done in a studio, the feel-good factor should not be neglected. It can be particularly creative when playing, so the right decoration should not be missing. Here, for example, a beautiful, themed wall decoration stands out, optimally complemented by the right light. As for the desk and the desk itself, everything from action figures to favorite nerdy staff to decorative charging stations fits.

Elegant wall decoration with touches of light.

Sometimes even good art or a photo will serve to provide additional motivation. Plants are always a very good idea, since a pleasant climate in the room and at the same time ensure a calm atmosphere in the room. But it is particularly important that there is order. Not only does a messy gaming desk or workplace destroy all previous efforts in one fell swoop, no one really wants that!