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The future governor of New York: "I will fight for you and I will be by your side every day"

The potential governor of New York: “I will fight for you and I will be by your side just about every working day”

Kathy Hochul will change Andrew Cuomo, accused of harassment. On him, following the justifications, the social pillory

“I will battle for you and by your side each day. This is my assure ”: said Kathy Hochul, long run governor of New York, addressing the citizens of the condition on tv. “I’m all set for this,” she included, detailing that she will not wait around two months in advance of its inauguration to start out its get the job done. Hochul then underlined the problems posed earlier mentioned all by the rearing head pandemic, starting off with the trouble of resuming university.

“Men and women will shortly find out that my design and style is initial to listen and then to make choices,” Hochul reported, assuring that “none of people accused of unethical habits in the legal professional general’s report will be on my staff.” The reference is to the report accusing Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment. Hochul then emphasized that he had never ever been all over Cuomo in any way and that he had not been informed of the harassment allegations just before they arrived to light-weight.

In the meantime, the controversy towards the previous governor of New York does not abate. The Italian-American group also attacked Cuomo, who felt discriminated versus by the justifications applied by the politician who spoke of “cultural differences” to choose his attitude, which led various gals to denounce him for harassment. The former governor of Italian origin defended himself boasting that he has often hugged and kissed men and women in an affectionate way. “I in no way believed,” he defended himself, “to have crossed the line with any one. But I didn’t realize how considerably this line experienced drifted. There are generational and cultural leaps that I have not totally understood.

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