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The red chocobo of FINAL FANTASY 14 returns and kills everyone

The red chocobo of FINAL FANTASY 14 returns and kills everyone

FINAL FANTASY 14 Players don’t have fun memories of red chocobos.They first appeared two years ago MMORPG As part of a series of FINAL FANTASY 12 themed raids called Return to Ivalice. As part of one quest, you had to deal with their flock, and uh, it It did not work.. The crimson birds of FINAL FANTASY XIV are back, and they are more dangerous than ever.

FINAL FANTASY XIV patch 5.35 introduces a new area called Bozjan Southern Front, an extension of the previous Return to Ivalice raid series. As part of your adventure there, you can fight on behalf of the Bozujan Resistance in a new mode called “Critical Engagement”. It’s all working, but one of the enemies you may encounter is a particular crimson chocolate called Red Comet.It didn’t take long for the words of this bird’s destructive ability to arrive Reddit And twitter.. Evidence can be found in the sacred ruins of the various players found there.

Red comets turn out to be a handful as they often confine groups in small circles and are filled with various AoE abilities. Most of this battle is carried out point-to-point and, if possible, reduces the health of the chocobo.

This isn’t the first time a red chocobo has made such a fuss.They first appeared in the infamous battle of Final Fantasy Tactics Tweeted You in their meteor attack.

If you need help to defeat these heathens, maybe ours FINAL FANTASY XIV Gunbreaker Work And FINAL FANTASY XIV Dancer Work A guide may be helpful. Or maybe you have to submit to the new red overlord, with no help at all.

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