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The Secret to Going Viral

The easiest way to reach and interact with customers is through social media.

Even if you don’t use social media for business, going viral is on everyone’s radar. Some Instagram and TikTok stars have built out entire careers from their viral videos.

But how do you create content that can go viral? While the most popular viral videos are created by accident, or without the intention of going viral, it is still a great way to build your platform.

To discover your social media niche so you can start creating content that’s viral-worthy, keep reading.

Understanding Your Audience

Regardless of how many followers you currently have, it’s important to understand what kind of content they’re looking to consume. Going viral in 2021 isn’t an easy feat, so it’s best to start where you are.

As you experiment with what kind of personality and value you can bring to social media, take the time to also learn what your audience wants to see.

What kinds of videos do they comment on? What kind of accounts do they follow?

This will teach you a lot about what’s popular within your corner of the internet.

Share-Worthy Content

On most social media platforms, there are algorithms that determine what kinds of content get shown at the top of the page.

Videos on TikTok, for example, can get removed from a “For You Page” if enough viewers don’t watch the entire video.

So, it’s crucial that you capture your audience quickly. If there’s any chance they’ll explore more of your content or share it with others, they need to first be enticed by the first piece of content they see.

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Try out eye-catching visuals or emotionally charged headlines and captions to grab a viewer’s attention within just a few seconds.

Online Engagement

When you are a content creator, your followers and viewers are part of your community. Don’t be afraid to interact with them. Encourage their interaction by being responsive and approachable.

The more your followers like, comment, and share your content, the more popular it will get. Especially on platforms like Youtube and TikTok, you can’t go viral without views.

If you want to fast-track your way to virality, you can also learn how to buy views on TikTok to get started.

Keep Up With the Trends

One of the top social media tips is to keep up with the trends. If you can keep one step ahead of the trends, that’s even better. A certain type of content may be popular one minute and boring the next.

When a new trend starts to circulate, find out how to give your own spin to it. Make it unique but keep it relatable. It’ll help your content be included on trending pages, which can improve your view and follower counts.

Top Tips for Going Viral

Going viral may seem more difficult than ever, but it’s also easier than ever.

It’s all about finding what your personality looks and sounds like within the top trends of the moment. And remember, the trends are changing all the time, so there’s bound to be something that fits into your niche.

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