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The "sentence" was successful….  iPhone 12 Pro 5G out of the channel thanks to Magsafe

The “sentence” was successful…. iPhone 12 Pro 5G out of the channel thanks to Magsafe

Wednesday June 2, 2021 08:00 AM (GMT + 7)

Recently, a man “saved” the iPhone 12 Pro from the channel by charging the Magsafe magnet on the back.

Recently, in Berlin, Germany, a user iPhone 12 Pro has discovered a new use for MagSafe. Instead of using the strong magnet within the iPhone 12 series to charge the battery or use another accessory for the case, this man used Magsafe to “fish” the phone. iPhone 12 Pro crashed into a Berlin canal.

The iPhone 12 Pro is “fished” from the bottom of the channel thanks to Magsafe.

The above story was told through the Twitter account: Frederik Riedel, an application developer and friend of the man who dropped his iPhone in a muddy channel.

Initially, his friend Riedel waded 10 feet of muddy water, but only found a Nintendo Switch. This is a great device for fans of the Pokémon, Mario, and Animal Crossing titles, but not an iPhone. So Riedel and his makeshift friend used a fishing rod with a magnet attached to the hook, dropping it down the channel to detect the iPhone 12 Pro via magnetic Magsafe.

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iPhone 12 Pro.

At approximately 3 in the morning, the iPhone 12 Pro was successfully “fished” ashore. Interestingly, not only does it work well, the device’s battery is nearly charged despite being submerged in the canal for hours. On the other hand, the Nintendo Switch console no longer works.

Before that, in March, a iPhone 11 still “living wrinkled” after 6 months lying at the bottom of a lake in British Columbia. A diver discovered the phone, picked it up, and called the owner to inform him that his iPhone had been found. Fatemeh Ghodsi, owner of the iPhone 11, shared: “I was completely shocked. This iPhone was like being revived and returned to me.”

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In fact, the dust and water resistance of the iPhone series is far better than its IP67 and IP68 standards. However, Apple does not have a warranty program for water-damaged iPhones. Therefore, users should avoid leaving iPhones in a humid environment or dropping them into water.


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