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the sequel and the remaster on PS5 in development with the PC port already finished?

Bloodborne 2 and a PS5 remaster in development with a PC port already completed? The news is abundant for one of the best games on the PS4 that follows the lineage of Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls.

Good news for Bloodborne fans, one of the best PS4 games released in 2015. Whistleblower Nick Baker, who announced the arrival of backward compatible games for Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One last week, has shared some very interesting news about Bloodborne. It seems that the Bluepoint development studio, a subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has a lot to do.

Bloodborne – Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Bluepoint would be preparing a remaster of Bloodborne for the PS5 like Bloodborne 2 for PS5 also, just that. If you don’t play on PlayStation, but on PC, you will be delighted to know that a Bloodborne PC portage it’s already finished, according to Nick Baker.

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Bluepoint would develop Bloodborne 2 and remaster it on PS5 in addition to a finished PC port

A few months ago, a French leaker announced that the Bloodborne remaster would be released this year on PS5, but that Bluepoint would not develop it. However, this study has already been commissioned with the development of Demon’s Souls remake released exclusively on PS5 when starting the next generation console.

However, insider Nick Baker, known for the reliability of his sources, claims that Bluepoint is responsible for 3 projects: Bloodborne 2 on PS5, Bloodborne remaster on PS5, and Bloodborne PC port. Revealed in a new podcast by XboxEra that : ” different sources have told me different things about Bloodborne. They told me there was a PC port already done. “He also added that:“ I think Bluepoint is doing the sequel. And I think Bluepoint could also do the remastered console version of the first game. ».

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Of course, this news is best taken with a grain of salt while you wait for confirmation from Sony. Either way, it appears that Sony has plans to tap into the huge player interest in Bloodborne. We should know more soon.

Source : Comic book