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Il pubblico spagnolo "scarica" Morata: l

The Spanish general public “unloads” Morata: the forward is booed the moment extra

An unforgettable evening for Álvaro Morata. The Juventus ahead, preferred by Luis Enrique to direct Spain’s attack from Sweden, was not specifically fantastic, also wasting a sensational option in the initially half. The option of the mentor who most popular Gerard Moreno, creator of 30 plans in the past period with Villarreal, was obtained at the time of the departure of the formal teams with wonderful skepticism by many Iberian lovers, who expressed their disappointment in the social. Morata certainly failed to modify his head and, worse nevertheless, was even booed by the Sevillian admirers when he was changed in the 66th moment, when Sarabia took his location. In the 74th minute, when Gerard Moreno, a prospect for the forward shirt, entered the area, the community welcomed his entry onto the pitch with thunderous applause and cheers of encouragement towards the Villarreal player. Let us try to remember that Morata experienced presently been challenged by the general public during the friendly against Portugal on June 4, in a match that had sanctioned the return of the Spanish general public to the stands.

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