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It is time to brawl it’s also time to talk about the SUMMER OF MONSTERS. As you know brawl talk was just released I’ll give you guys all the juicy details that were not super clear in brawl talk.


We’re gonna start with a breakdown with the newest brawler surge and then we’re gonna talk about everything else in the update including the extra gadgets that we’re getting in game. As well as the second brawler which was not mentioned in the brawl talk make sure you subscribe for updates sneak peeks because I’m gonna be giving you guys an early look at everything that I can with as much detail as I can.


Let’s talk about the surge. Surge is a chromatic brawler and is the second brawler to fit the superhero theme along with Max. He even fits her color scheme and if you look at him you’ll actually notice he has a place for two energy drink canisters on his back plus on his front. You’ll also notice an energy drink gauge to determine his power level which is kind of cool. Surge it’s a ramp-up brawler, that is just one more brawler that I have predicted correctly and that is why you read my speculation articles.

Brawl Talk: New Brawler, New Game Mode, New Monster Season ...

I am so excited for surge he has a 4340 health which is a little bit more than Sprout, a little bit less than Jessie, Leon, Max, Penny and Tara and that means that he’s on the squishier side of the brawler’s and he has a pretty short attack range of around 7 tiles. Which is the same attack range as Poco, it’s not very long but it’s a lot more unique than just that.



Depending on surges upgrade level his attack pattern changes. I’m not talking about his power level. I’m talking about how upgraded he is in the middle of the matches. I’m guessing that surge only has one arrow at level 1, 2 arrows at level 2, 3 arrows at level 3 and I believe that this is level 4 (the weird symbol,yh). The thing is the only level that is confirmed for his attack projectile is level 2. At level 2 if the main projectile hits a target or reaches maximum range it then splits out into two projectiles that both fire out about four tiles at a 90-degree angle at level 2.   This makes me think that he’s going to have one projectile in level one,  three projectiles in level three and four projectiles level four this means it is going to be easier and easier to hit enemies with his attacks at higher levels.

This is how surge is gonna look like in each rank : Brawlstars

But that’s not all. Ryan said in Brawl talk that his attack becomes more powerful as he upgrades as well. Which means more to him.


At level 2 he deals 1540 damage which is the same as Brock’s attack. I’m guessing at that at level 1 it’s going to be similar to like genes attack at 1400 damage and that would mean that his attack at level 3 would deal 1680 which is the same as a full hit from either Max or Carl. And at level 4 he would deal 1820 damage which is the same amount of damage from a BiBi attack. Now, these are all just predictions based on the damage that the other brawlers. I’ve spent way too much time studying and analyzing the other brawlers so I feel like I did a good job of guessing but the real values might actually be higher or lower than that.

As far as to attack patterns I’m expecting this to be level 1 but with one projectile, this to be level 2 but with 2 projectile, which we already know. I’m guessing that this is what level 3 would look like but with 3 projectile and I’m guessing that this is what level 4 would look like.

These are just my own speculations the crazy part is that unlike Spikes or Genes attack this split off and they deal less damage. Based off the footage it looks like all of the projectiles that split off will deal maximum damage which means that surge could be crazy powerful if you’re good at staying alive which you’re going to want to do because if you’re a level 4 and you die you’re gonna be reverted all the way back to level 1. This means that you should never feed an enemy surge and charging up your super as quickly as you can is going to be very important when you’re playing surge.


Now I do have a couple of questions does Surge’s super deal any damage by itself? Obviously it upgrades him which is a benefit and then a trade-off could be that his super has low immediate reward because it doesn’t deal any damage by itself. But there is a chance that his super might deal some damage close by because he jumps up and then pounds the ground when he lands with that super.

Though I’m actually guessing that that would be one of his star powers where he would actually deal damage when he comes down and lands as for a second-star power. I couldn’t find anything in the gameplay for any hints or anything like that but I do have an idea that would be kind of interesting that would be that at the start of the match and whenever surge dies he would always start out at level 2 for an immediate upgrade to his abilities.

SURGE* YOU WON'T CATCH ME! Brawl Stars Fails & Wins #173 - YouTube

Now another question that I have is what happens his surge reaches level 4 and then uses his super because he can only upgrade it 3 times ,1 to 2, 2 to 3 3 to 4 and that’s it. So once he’s at level 4 is he even able to use his super would it be impossible to activate it. I think that surge is going to have a / special ability if he reaches the level 4 and then charges up his super again I’m guessing a giant super slam into the ground that would kind of like do an earthquake type thing similar to like a Jackie super but rather than pulling enemies in it would stun them for maybe 1 or 2 seconds.

As for surges gadget there are so many things that Supercell could do but I think it’d be really cool a surge could actually just use it to automatically charge his super the idea would be that he becomes completely inactive for 5 seconds and then his super would be completely charged up afterwards, kind of like Sandy’s gadget where he’s able to like fully heal after a few seconds obviously I may be doing a complete in-depth breakdown to compare surge to all other brawlers, so stick around for that.


Brawl Stars OST- Super City Rampage Brawl - YouTube

Now let’s talk about the newest game mode coming to brawl stars. Super City Rampage in this mode it’s three players against a giant monster who’s trying to destroy the city. This is a PvP mode which is why I think it’s going to be a special event that happens on the weekends kind of like Robo Rumble, Big Game, Boss Fight you get the idea. It’s not worth trophies just worth progression and here’s what I learned by looking at the gameplay frame by frame.

The monster starts out at about 250,000 health, it’s trying to destroy the city by attacking buildings but it also does attack brawlers at one point. The monster even jumps at a brawler and goes red with rage as well as grows significantly larger and chases you down faster. Now if the boss destroys the city which sounds like it’s gonna happen at the two-minute mark then you lose but I also think that you lose if all three of you die because of the way that the boss stops after all three players are down.


Now just like other special events, I’m guessing that there are different levels just like in Boss Fight or Robo Rumble. All ranging from easy all the way through insane 16. Now, what changes as you go through each of the different levels though obviously it’s going to get harder but I actually think that the monsters that you face are going to change.

That’s right guys I think this monster right here isn’t actually going to be the only monster that you’re going to face. I think that this is the second brawler that brawl stars is releasing with the update and you’ll also face monster versions of other brawlers depending on what level difficulty you’re on for the challenge. Why do I think this?

Super City Rampage | Events | Brawl Stars News & Strategies

When supercell didn’t mention anything about a second brawler because for every other boss event like rumble or boss fight Supercell has stuck with robots. Why would Supercell take the time to create a giant monster when they already have a giant robot that could be used for this event it would totally make sense for them to use the boss fight boss to like come in like destroy buildings and stuff like that. So why create something else?

It makes a lot of sense to me that they would actually create a monster boss rework for a brawler that they are already planning on putting into the game. Other monsters that I could absolutely see them putting into the special event could be like Robo Mike and Robo Spike. After all, they already did an animation of robo mike and robo spike trying to destroy a city, so like that makes a lot of sense right.

Super City Rampage | Events | Brawl Stars News & Strategies

Other monsters could be Virus 8-bit, Guard Rico, Dark Bunny Penny, Shadow Knight Jessie, Road Rage Carl, Evil Gene, and of course two of the newest skins coming into the game, Mega Beetle Bea and King Crab Tick. This would allow Supercell to use the 3d models that they already put into the game and then they could change some of the mechanics to fit the event a little bit better they already have all the assets for it and I think it would be a ton of fun and add a lot of variety to the mode as well.


OH MY GOD | Fandom

And that leads to some speculation on this second brawler, who I’m going to call Rex. Rex is a high HP brawler that attacks enemies by biting them from a close range. I also think that it’s a little hop that they show in the gameplay is Rex’s gadget. Now I’m not going to take time to speculate on it’s super or star powers. But I think that this would be perfect for like a super rare brawler and we only have four brawler’s that are in the super rare rarity. So that would make actually a lot of sense.


Now let’s talk about the new gadgets coming to brawl stars over the course of next season it looks like we are going to be getting 10 gadgets one for every week. And of course, I’m gonna break down what they all do for you.

Brawl Stars Italia • Notizie, guide e Quiz su Brawl Stars


Piper’s gadget fires off one of her regular shots or possibly even just charges one of her next shots so that it then homes in on a target and it even bends around the wall to hit brawlers.


Barley throws down a pool that looks like it can heal him and teammates and you can actually see two healing pools in brawl talk, so either the pools are gonna be able to stay up there for a really long time which I think is less likely or they’re gonna make it so that Barley’s next couple of throws will actually heal instead of deal damage. Or maybe heal teammates and deal damage to enemy players.


For Bo, activating his gadget explodes his mines instantly. This can allow you to immediately take down walls and also you can predict enemies walking through it.


When Penny activates hers her turret fires a cannonball on command.


Then you have crows which actually looks really interesting. Now in the brawl talk, you’ll notice that both the enemy Colt and Crow are poisoned. Crow is slowed down and Colt is receiving reduced poison damage which is kind of confusing but here’s what I think happened.


I think that the enemy Crow hit the blue team crow with the extra toxic star power which reduced crows damage. Crow then attacked Colt and then activated their gadget. And in the gadget charge, crows next attack would be able to slow down enemies. Which I think that crow then used to attack the enemy crow which slowed it down. I know it’s kind of confusing but I think that it does make sense that his gadget would charge up his next attack to slow down enemy brawlers that get hit with the next attack.


For El Primo, it looks like he summons a giant meteor in front of him that deals 2,000 damage and knocks enemies back. In Brawl talk, it’s a big huge white ball but I think they just haven’t finished adding the assets to the developer build when they recorded it.


I am not entirely sure what Mortis’s gadget does but he starts glowing red when he uses it. It looks like he then like eats an attack from bo and no damage is done. And no other arrows are fired off or anything like that it kind of cuts off too soon. So it kind of looks like he’s just like completely immune and like shields 100% damage which sounds way too strong plus the attack actually doesn’t explode like it normally does.

I’m not entirely sure what happens but it looks like Mortis absorbs the hit and after the gadget wears off Mortis would then take all the damage all at the same time. I don’t know, it’s super crazy I want to know what you guys think it is.


Now I looked at Dynamike’s clip for like a super long time I couldn’t find anything so we’ll have to wait for that.


Jessie’s gadget looks like it makes her turret fire attacks at like twice the speed of normal after activating.


Shelly’s gadget makes her next attack fire much longer and narrower to reach what looks like a 10 tile range which is crazy. I’m definitely gonna be giving you guys the full complete breakdown behind these gadgets as soon as supercell lets me.



So once again that’s something worth subscribing for brawl pass is getting some changes to it. The season pass is going to be called the Summer of Monsters. We are now going to be able to unlock season rewards in any order that we want. Thank you so much for Supercell. And we’ll also be able to go to previous seasons and unlock rewards that we have an unlock from those previous seasons. Now whether or not we can actually choose the order of the rewards to unlock in the first season is still unknown. But I really hope so because I’ve got a ton of powerpoints that I’d like to save until after I unlock the newest brawler’s.

▷ TODO sobre el BRAWL PASS Temporada 2 de BRAWL STARS

Now they also mentioned that this Brawl pass is going to last for ten weeks which actually translates to 70 days that’s ten days longer than the previous brawl pass. Which is actually going to have some interesting implications when it comes to like the rewards that the Brawl Pass is offering.

I’m definitely gonna do all the math and let you guys know whether or not that’s actually better or worse than season 1. Even when you account for the difference in days as a side note, I think this season is actually going to be a little bit longer than normal to give supercell a little bit of time to get ready for the next update after they take their legally mandated month-long vacation after this update drops.


Now let’s go over all the skins we’re going to be getting in this update as well as some other ones not mentioned. And then I’m gonna speculate on their gem costs.


We are getting a Super Ranger Brock as a brawl pass exclusive skin and we are also getting a Mecha Paladin Surge skin as well. If you want to get these two skins you’re going to have to unlock the brawl pass because I don’t think they’re ever going to be coming back in the future.

Brawl Stars "Summer of Monsters" Massive Update Complete Guide!Surge Brawl Star Complete Guide, Tips, Wiki & Strategies Latest!


Next is mega Beetle Bea. Which I think is likely going to be a hundred and fifty gems.


I think that King-crab tick is going to be 80 gems possibly 150 gems.


And I think the Streetwear Max is going to cost 80 gems.


Also, Brawl stars is finally introducing a gold skin into the game which I know most of you guys don’t really care so much about. But I am so happy about this. True silver skins are going to cost ten thousand gold and true gold skins are going to cost twenty-five thousand gold. Now we only saw these skins in the brawl talk, Primo, Leon, Piper, and Shelly. But I actually think there’s going to be more than just that. Either way, I am super excited because I have over a hundred thousand gold which means I won’t even be able to buy them all.

I Guess Brawler Is Getting A True Silver And A True Gold Skin So ...

That is crazy but I think that it’s a great way to reward those longtime players who have really been wishing for some way to add value to the gold that we have now. All these skins I mentioned we know are going to be available in July but Ryan and Dani didn’t actually mention anything about skins being available in August. We typically get a few skins in the first month and then we also get a few skins in the next month as well and I think I already know which skins are gonna be available late.

I think we’re going to be getting the three Supercell to make skins that still have not been put into the game Demonic bo and Arch-villain Bea as well as possibly Zombie Bibi. I think the first skin fits the monster theme a little bit better than zombie Bibi does. But zombie bibi kind of works with the undead and also kind of monsterish as well.

So I thought that would make a lot of sense we’re gonna have to wait to see though.


We have more pins and pins are going to be added into battle and I’ve actually learned a lot from the few clips that we saw in brawl talk. You’ll have a button in the battle that you can tap on to select which emote you want to use. There is a mute button so you can turn emotes off if you don’t want to see them. Thank you Supercell. So here’s what it looks like when Crow uses his pin and we actually learned a lot from this screen as well you’ll be able to select four pins to use in battle and I could be wrong with this but where it says happy, sad, angry and special.

In-game emotes! : Brawlstars

I don’t actually think that that’s saying that you can choose from all of your happy pins and to put into the happy slot or all the sad pins into the sad slot. I think that you will have four slots and it just says the names of whichever pin is put in there. But there’s a catch you’ll notice that it says select pins for Nita to use in battle at the top this means a couple of things.

First of all, we’re going to be able to select specific pins for each individual brawler which I find is really exciting and I think that this also means that when you are playing Nita, you’ll only be able to use either Nita pins or the standard pins that everyone has. The gameplay that we see in brawl talk is oftentimes you know a work in progress so we’re gonna do wait to find out the details in future it sneak peek videos.

You might interest in reading this: PINS AND EMOTES! HOW TO GET THEM?


In other news we’re getting a new structure called the rope fence everyone can shoot through it but you can’t walk through it just kind of like water except that it can be destroyed by certain supers and abilities.

Rope fence,the newest indirect nerf to Mortis : BrawlStarsCompetitive


Hot zone is coming back permanently as a mode in rotation with quests. I’m not sure how it’s going to be added in rotation. But I have two guesses my first guess is that the first slot will actually cycle between brawl ball or gem grab or even gem grab and the hot zone or something like that. I don’t know, then we’ll have two other slots that are going to rotate hot zone and bounty and heist and siege or some combination of those four modes.

My second guess is that hot zone will actually just be added in rotation with bounty, heist, siege.



The trophy road is being increased to 50,000 trophies. That is crazy I’m only like 20,000 trophies, so I’m really excited to see if anybody actually pushes that high. We’re going to have to wait to see more brawlers be released in order to actually see that happen because hitting the end of that trophy road cuz that’s insane.


Crow is getting a remodel and he looks super cool, but the white crow is also getting an awesome remodel. His daggers are now a different shape slightly different they look pretty similar but they’re different and they are white. Which means that he is no longer the most worthless skin in the game. It’s time for us to start picking on another skin. We start picking on the pirate Gene.

White Crow Remodel!!! : Brawlstars


Now I wanted to briefly talk about the new super city environment before showing off something else that I think is really cool. I love this city environment and I cannot wait to see more of it but I wanted to point out a few quick things. You’ll notice at the very top there is a super city Central Station meaning that this the name of this environment is the super city. So when we’ve been calling the city environment. I’m actually gonna just start calling that Brawl Street and we actually see a monorail coming out of the station as well. Which although the Train cart actually looks different than the one that shows up in the arcade theme, I think that this could be like a place where every now and then a theme park train could actually come to bring people from super city to the theme park which I just feel like that is really really cool.

Does this have something to do with "Welcome To Retropolis ...

Also near the top to the right, there is a beam art. I think this is going to be some type of like be themed grocery store there’s also a star building in the middle to the right and I’m not entirely sure what this is but we’ll find out later.

Let me know if you have any ideas you also notice below the star building is a highway below it and at the bottom of the map, there’s a construction area with freight train rails that actually looks really really cool. On the left of the map, you’ll notice a beach environment and you can actually see a radio tower with a red flashing light. I’m thinking this is actually going to be doing some type of Morse code which is going to reveal more of the secrets regarding the whole mystery.


Also just inside of this map looks really cool rather than bushes you’re going to be walking around in trees and the obstacles are a bunch of buildings which looks really sweet you’ll actually also notice a bunch of tiny little cars that if you walk over them then they just get destroyed. I find that hilarious it reminds me of an old Super Nintendo game called King of Monsters where you are a bunch of monsters and you’re fighting each other and as you’re fighting the city around you just like getting destroyed in things. Such a cool idea! I really love it I think it’s a great addition to the brawl universe.


And now I wanted to show you guys something. Well, at least something I think is really cool. I’m talking about this cult figurine and I actually have one to show you in person taking this thing right out of the box. Oh man, take a look at this guy’s now I actually have been able to show this to you guys because it was like a secret regarding this little thing but way back when Supercell actually had their own Supercell store then they were planning on putting one of these into the store that you could actually go out and purchase. Some little brawl stars speaker rings and stuff like that but then the store got shut down.

Well one time way back in beta, Lex, myself and trickshot was a moderator the brawl start subreddit actually went to Finland and did some type of like a community Q&A type thing with the developers and Ryan gave us one of these bad boys. But we weren’t supposed to say anything about it because it had not been put out yet and also it just got discontinued.

Pin em Brawlstars

But Ryan finally gave us permission to show it because of this being shown in it brawl talk and this is literally like the most exclusive brawl stars merchandise. As far as I know myself Lex and trickshot are like some of the only non Supercell employees actually have one of these, so I’m actually excited to get some shelves and actually show it off in the background.

But anyway guys that is everything happening from brawl talk that we currently know. Make sure you subscribe for more brawl stars updates. Until then Peace!

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