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The Swiss sent a huge number of SMS

The Swiss sent a huge number of SMS

Because Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram were down for several hours on Monday night, Swisscom’s SMS service was booming.

the essentials in brief

  • WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram were inactive for six hours on Monday night.
  • Meanwhile, the Swiss wrote more text messages than in a long time.
  • This even caused delays in some cases.

On Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram Monday night after 6pm nothing worked anymore. Until shortly after midnight all services down. Consequently, through WhatsApp neither none News sent or received.

As a result, many Swiss used the proven SMS service. “An unusually large number of SMS last nightNews sent », says Swisscom-Speaker Annina Merk upon request. However, there are no concrete figures.

At least one could trust the SMS service. Even if the accumulation of News made the lines glow there too. “Sometimes there were slight delays in delivery due to the huge quantity. Otherwise everything worked fine, ”said Merk.

The outage affected Facebook users around the world

Facebook’s problems affected users around the world. The cause is now also clear. The group is responsible for the worldwide failure of the various Facebook services.

Do you also have to switch to SMS to be able to communicate?

Facebook has performed a “faulty reconfiguration” on its computers, which are responsible for data traffic between data centers. This was announced by Vice President of Infrastructure, Santosh Janardhan, on Monday night.

Meanwhile, there was a lot of laughs over the incident on the remaining competing social media. Several Memes upon Twitter leaves in the group already discredited including the CEO Mark Zuckerberg not good hair.

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