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the tactical analysis of the match analyst


The tactical analysis / Dario Biasiolo’s column is back: here are some technical-tactical indications of the last match played by the grenade

NAPLES, ITALY – DECEMBER 23: Eljif Elmas of Napoli during the Serie A match between SSC Napoli and Torino FC at Stadio Diego Armando Maradona on December 23, 2020 in Naples, Italy. (Photo by SSC NAPOLI / SSC NAPOLI via Getty Images)

Our tactical analysis of Napoli-Torino starts from the offensive phase. In the first part, we list the construction and completion actions of the Granada team in which the ball was lost for different reasons (the minutes of the match referred to in parentheses), starting from the premise that individual reports still show a significant amount of errors technicians. .

  • 1) The action was often stopped because a player did not uncheck: (5.17) – (5.27) – (10.05) – (30.12) – (36.44) – (46.13) – (47.00) – (53.26) – (54.40 ) – (57.12) – (59.02) – (72.59).
  • 2) In other actions the ball was lost due to one dribbling too much when the unmarked partner was: (25.04); (29.37); (63.29).
  • 3) In other actions incorrect decisions were made: (36.12); (39.05); (43.29).

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In the second part we list the construction actions of the game in which instead the adopted solution allowed to finish the maneuver, allowing the development of very well constructed actions:

  • 1) Actions that start from a pocket or a pass for a player who comes to the meeting and sends a third deep teammate. Examples: Sirigu’s launch for Singo that spits for Verdi, then the blue defense closes well (10.34); always release Sirigu for Singo who spits for Verdi who goes to the filming (13.06); Sirigu’s launch for Singo who goes to Verdi, who in turn unloads for Singo who sends Lukic, anticipated at the end by the defender (17.54); Lukic bites for Verdi who sends Belotti, Gallo’s wrong stop (53.48). Total, 4 actions, 1 shot stopped.
  • 2) Actions that start from a pocket or a pass for a player who approaches and unloads a teammate who sends a fourth deep player: Sirigu’s shot for Verdi, unloads Lukic who sends Singo, wrong step to Rodríguez (36 , 12); Rodriguez throw-in for Verdi who unloads on Lukic who sends Singo, intercepted center (48.25); Sirigu’s launch, Verdi unloads on Rincón that Rodríguez sends, ball to Verdi, center, lost ball (65.50). Total, 3 actions, 0 shots.
  • 3) Actions that exploit the position of the high and firm rival defense: Singo for Lukic, low center intercepted (18.18); Izzo for Verdi who later lost the ticket to Belotti (33.17); Verdi counterattack to Belotti, wrong direction of the pass (57.12); Belotti tries to get Linetty out but with a pass that is too long (71.50); Linetty for Belotti, shot saved (83.55). Total, 5 actions, 1 shot saved.
  • 4) Other important actions: Izzo launch for Belotti that goes into personal action, but in the middle of two opponents he loses the ball and no one comes in tow. Ball to Buongiorno, Rodríguez is found and Linetty attacks space, Buongiorno plays on Linetty who then loses control (34.05). Ball to Rodríguez, excellent cut by Linetty, but intercepted pass (33.17). Belotti goes to the shot from outside the area with Lukic who does not fit (22.17). We also add the inactive balls: corner beaten by Verdi for Buongiorno at the first post that extends to the far post, Izzo does not arrive for a while (31.45). Short corner plus center of Verdi’s trocar, an opponent extends at the far post, Izzo shoots and scores (55.40). In total there were 17 important and well-built actions but only four shots, including one goal.
NAPLES, ITALY – DECEMBER 23: Piotr Zielinski of Napoli during the Serie A match between SSC Napoli and Torino FC at Stadio Diego Armando Maradona on December 23, 2020 in Naples, Italy. (Photo by SSC NAPOLI / SSC NAPOLI via Getty Images)

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The defensive phase, as in previous matches, saw excellent individual and departmental closures alternating with situations in which some positions on the field were not corrected allowing Napoli to be in numerical superiority several times. Let’s group the actions again by type:

  • 1) Napoli’s actions on the wing with overlaps and cuts, with the Torino defense struggling to outnumber themselves. Sometimes there was no mutual help between the defender and the midfielder (4.40-6.27-14.50); (35.24); (2.03). On a couple of occasions down the right wing with the ball to Hysaj, Napoli attempted the short-long combination plus insertion with Insigne making the short move coming towards him, Petagna making the long cut to the wing and Zielinski inserting in his place. from Petagna: the first time (7.30) Hysaj plays with Zielinski lost by both Rincón and Buongiorno and then Bremer fouls, the second time (12.04) Hysaj plays in Petagna’s cut well read by Bremer who anticipates (Zielinski is still lost by Rincon).
  • 2) In other actions, the Torino player goes out on the ball carrier when, however, there is an unmarked opponent behind him: (4.16); (10.41); (80.48); (84.07); Also because the forwards Belotti and Verdi many times do not make the diagonal over the Napoli midfielder forcing Rincón to leave, but in this way, as mentioned above, Rincón leaves the players unmarked behind between the very dangerous lines (6.27- 7.10-9.48-72.44- 80.00).
  • 3) This is an important aspect: too many times the opponent has not been marked between the lines. Good morning (6.27-7.30), Corner that Zielinski does not score (15.50) was not perfect; Lukic (19.22), Linetty who does not mark Elmas (35.24); Rincon losing to Insigne (38.10); Izzo and Bremer (90.26); Bremer (91.20); and Bremer again on the occasion of the conceded goal (91.30). This is where the mistake that led to Insigne’s goal was born: in 15 seconds Zielinski received twice between the lines and Bremer did not score. On the second of these occasions, the fact that Singo and Rincón lost Insigne’s insertion was added, which caused the goal to take away two valuable points.

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