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The three masters of artificial intelligence, Meng Wanzhou, analyze the spirit of Huawei | Blog post


Huawei has many stories, which are not as moving as Vice President Meng Wanzhou’s experience of spending more than 1,000 days in Canada, and they can represent Huawei’s corporate culture.

Meng Wanzhou, Vice President of Huawei. AP photos

Two years ago, Huawei’s founder Ren Zhengfei told the BBC that Meng Wanzhou was detained by Canada: “(The incident) has no impact on Huawei’s business. In fact, we are growing faster.” He said: “So they arrested. Meng Wanzhou They may have caught the wrong person. They may want to arrest her and Huawei will refuse, but we have not turned it down and we keep moving forward.”

However, it doesn’t seem like Ren Zhengfei cares too much for his daughter. Meng Wanzhou was filled in Canada for a year. On December 1, 2019, he published an open letter titled “Your heat is lighting up my forehead.” Beacon of Action ”, the letter expresses the fear and pain experienced this year. A reporter asked if Ren Zhengfei had read the letter. Ren Zhengfei replied: “I did not read this letter. I only read the title in the morning. I do not think this is appropriate, because people all over the country are busy with work, to create wealth and strive to improve their income. No they can consume too much energy. Feel it with her. “

Ren Zhengfei once clearly expressed two attitudes in the Meng Wanzhou incident: first, if the country does not want to come forward, Huawei will fight the United States and Canada from a judicial perspective; second, Huawei will not turn Canada away for this, especially with regard to technology. Why? The country can come forward or make concessions to others. This cannot be said to be unbearable. Furthermore, Ren Zhengfei said that he will not leave Canada because Canada has a great scientific and technological force. For example, the three “top three AIs in the world” are in Canada—— Yoshua Bengio of the Montreal Polytechnic University, Geoffrey Hinton of the University of Toronto, Richard Sutton of the University of Alberta-Ren Zhengfei explained: “I can learn a lot of artificial intelligence theoretical insights from Canada. “

Canada’s 6G technical talents are also very prosperous. Huawei’s Chief Wireless Technology Officer (CTO), Huawei’s Chief 5G Scientist Huawei Fellow, and Dr. Tong Wen are academics at the Canadian Academy of Engineering. Huawei’s main proposal can be selected for the 5G standard, which can be said to be inseparable from Tong Wen’s contribution. Recently, Tong Wen wrote the first systematic book on 6G, “The New 6G Wireless Communications Journey: Skipping the Internet of People and the Internet of Things, and Moving Toward the Intelligent Connection of All Things”, which shows the future scenario of 6G in the age of all things intelligence. Huawei’s rotating chairman wrote the preface, revealing that Huawei will launch a 6G application program in 2030.

Ren Zhengfei said he was mentally prepared not to see his daughter again, which is not hypocritical, because no one knows in how many ways the United States has cracked down on Huawei. After three years of launches, the whole world has witnessed that Huawei has not fallen. From the total ban on semiconductors to the Meng Wanzhou incident, America has failed as a villain and Canada is even worse. The problem is, the villains are so good. These two countries don’t mind making “big noodles” anyway, but stopping Meng Wanzhou will make everyone realize that Huawei is the true beacon and that Huawei’s pursuit of justice will affect the entire world. The world, for the United States and Canada, can only seize the opportunity to establish itself.

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