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The Top 5 Best Puzzles Games to Play on the Web


There’s no getting away from the fact that puzzles are among the most popular video game genres out there. These games can be very entertaining and fulfilling. Arriving at the correct solution or answer to a difficult word puzzle after having to logically put several pieces of the puzzle together can be very satisfying for many players. Since puzzles stretch your knowledge, ingenuity, or logical capacity to the limit, playing these games helps  make you sharp. Speaking of which, how about jogging your brain with the top 5 best web-based puzzle games below?

1. Im-A-Puzzle

Playable for free online, Im-A-Puzzle is an exciting jigsaw puzzle game that allows you to build images from tiny puzzling pieces that connect. Each piece represents a small part of the entire puzzle picture. You can play the game alone or together with your friends by assembling the pieces to complete the images. The level of challenge in each game depends on the number of different pieces or cuts you’ll need to put together to complete an image. Completing a single puzzle can sometimes take hours.


2. Scrabble

Originally called “Criss Cross”, Scrabble is one of the most exciting puzzle games online. This multiplayer game is a mix of a crossword puzzle and anagrams. Most importantly, it involves players competing in forming words with lettered tiles on a square board. Words spelled out interlock similarly to a crossword puzzle game.

Many Scrabble alternatives such as Text Twist and Words With Friends exist online, providing players with more options. If you enjoy playing scrabble or any alternative game, having a great word unscrambler such as Unscrambled Words can enhance the experience to a greater extent. You’ll be able to generate accurate sets of words required in the game like a PRO.

3. Wordle

Capturing the attention of several important sites such as the New York Times and Tech Gaming Report, Wordle is a relatively new word puzzle game. Written by Josh Wardle, this fantastic game has risen to conquer the hearts of many.

Even though the software engineer had initially intended this game for his girlfriend, it accidentally became globally popular, being acquired by the New York Times.

Players guess letters to enter into the grids to form a valid word. To submit a guessed word, just hit the enter button on the keyboard below the grids. The game will tell you what letters exist in the word, and which are in the right place. You get six chances to discover the correct word.

4. Sudoku

Originally referred to as “Number Place”, Sudoku is another interesting puzzle game you can conveniently play on the Web to tease your brain. Sudoku is a Japanese word for “Single Number. ”

Playing this simple Japanese video game entails inserting the numbers one to nine into a nine-square, further subdivided, and partially completed grid. The grid subdivides into nine smaller squares so that each number appears once in every square, horizontal line, and vertical line.

Today Sudoku is available online in several variations, including Classic Sudoku, Modern Sudoku, Sudoku Obstacle, and so much more. Notably, you will find that these games vary in a few aspects namely; grid size, color, and input in terms of letters vs digits. You will also notice image or symbol variations in several games.

Similarly, Sudoku puzzle games feature on many big websites. These include prominent newspaper publications such as The Washington Post, and gaming sites like Solitaired. Readers can enjoy playing these fun puzzle games live on these websites.

5. Puyo Puyo Tetris

Released in 2014 by the video game company “Sega”, Puyo Puyo Tetris is a great puzzle strategy game characterized by impressive colorful graphics. This web-based 2-in-1 game will test your logical and strategic decision-making skills to the limit by subjecting you to challenging but interesting-to-solve puzzles.

The game features elements known as “Puyos”, which fall from the top of the screen. These are simply small, differently-colored blobs. It is your job to match “puyos” of the same color, even as they fall quickly down the screen. Letting eligible blobs reach the bottom of the screen before doing so will result in a loss.

By the way, this game is very similar to the classic Dr. Mario adventure game. That means you will love playing this game if you did enjoy Mario.

To play, go to Tetris.com.  Please note that you will have more fun playing it with friends than alone as it is a multiplayer puzzle game.

Final Thoughts

Puzzle games look simple, yet they offer challenging but exciting puzzles for players to solve. That explains why these games are among some of the most popular genres of video games available today. Lots of them have been around for decades. The history of some games go back to the 90s or so.

Playing these games will reconnect you to the classic gaming era, which many gamers miss today. It was a golden gaming period when many games were original. Surprisingly, some were based on true stories or real-world events.

I’m-A-Puzzle, Scrabble, Wordle, Sudoku, and Puyo Puyo Tetris are excellent options for your next puzzle challenge. Give them out a shot!

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