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The Trilogy is official, here is the reissue of the GTAs that made history

The Trilogy is official, here is the reissue of the GTAs that made history

Starting today, GTA fans have a new game to look forward to. This is not GTA 6 yet, but a revamped version of the three titles that started the 3D revolution of the saga and made it famous, from Grand Theft Auto 3 to GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas. The launch is scheduled for PC, for all current and previous generation consoles and for mobile devices.

GTA fans are still waiting for the sixth chapter of the series without the slightest idea of ​​when it will be released, but as of today they have something to look forward to: developer Rockstar Games has announced the arrival of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, a relaunch of the first 3D games in the series that changed the history of video games. The bundle will be available not only for PC and for all current and previous generation consoles (including the Nintendo Switch phone), but also for Android and iOS smartphones.

Titles included

The games included are not the first in the series. Years before the 3D revolution, GTA debuted on the screens of PC and PlayStation consoles with a top-down view that still had very little three-dimensional. GTA 2 followed in the footsteps of the original with a new look, but the third-person view players are used to still today only arrived with GTA 3, after the turn of the millennium. the Grand Theft Auto 3 trilogy, which consists of three different games: the original released in 2001, the Vice City chapter from 2002, and San Andreas from 2004. The release date, according to Rockstar Games, is just one 20th anniversary tribute of the game that started GTA’s transformation from a niche video game to a cultural phenomenon.

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Renewed version

According to Rockstar Games, the next Definitive Edition will not be a simple compilation, but a revamped edition: it will house updates across the board, including new graphics and gameplay changes designed to put the three titles back in tune with the times. Fans shouldn’t expect any revolutions at all – the goal of the developers has remained, however, to preserve the original “look and feel” of the games.

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The release date is still unknown: Rockstar Games has spoken of “soon” for the console versions of the game and 2022 for the one destined for smartphones. Meanwhile, the group will clear from next week the current versions of the three classics from all the digital stores where they were for sale.