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The truth about Chinese robots landing on Mars |  World

The truth about Chinese robots landing on Mars | World

Previously, on May 15, the China National Space Administration (CNSA) reported world what Chuc Dung self-propelled robot probe It spent 9 “terrifying” minutes of friction with the Martian atmosphere and successfully landed on the surface of this planet. With this information, they claim to be the second country to successfully land on Mars.

Historic landmarks on Mars

Historically, the first attempt to explore Mars has to be Russia. Since 1970, the country’s Mars 1 probe has been launched to Mars, but was destroyed as it approached the Martian surface.

In 1971, the Russian Mars 2 spacecraft continued to soar, piercing through the Martian atmosphere, and demonstrated a safe landing. But then he only stayed in contact for 20 seconds and was silent forever. Therefore, the location of the first country to successfully land on Mars is not yet possible for Russia. Because in principle, successful landing is only counted when the ship lands and stays in contact for a long time.

Later, many other European and Russian attempts to explore Mars were still unsuccessful. It was not until 1976 that the United States marked a major milestone in the successful landing of the Viking probe on Mars, and continued in contact with land and perform the task continuously 6 years later (beyond the original expectation which was only 90 days).

Until 1997, the US continued to occupy the position of the first country to successfully land a self-propelled robot on Mars, keeping in touch and doing research. So far, the United States has successfully sent a total of 5 self-propelled robots to Mars for research. With this achievement, the United States remains the first country to successfully land a rover on Mars, and also the country with the most ships operating on Mars.

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The Ingenuity rover separates from Perseverance and flies over Mars

The last self-propelled robot that the United States recently sent to Mars is Perseverance, which not only runs but also transports Self-propelled helicopter wit – has performed many successful missions to Mars. Just 5 minutes after landing on Mars, the Perseverance spacecraft immediately sent black and white photographs to Earth on the day of landing.

Less than 24 hours later, the United States Space Agency (NASA) has released color photographs of the Martian landscape and videos recorded 7 minutes after the Martian atmosphere and landed safely on the surface.

Confusing signs

As for the recent landing of the self-propelled robot Chuc Dung, many days after landing it was still “moving motionless”. CNSA explained that the robot needs time to verify and stabilize before it works and promises that the first images will be sent at the end of May. Despite this explanation, many speculations still believe that the Chuc Dung ship was damaged during the landing.

What about the space race between the United States and China via two Mars rovers?

However, the first photo of the Chuc Dung ship was taken on May 21. announced by China 1 week before plan 7.

With the current level of technology, it would take only 5-20 minutes for a radio signal to travel from Mars to Earth through relay systems on satellites and observatories on Earth.

The truth about Chinese robots landing on Mars - Photo 2

The image is attributed to the robot Chuc Dung “selfie” on Mars

Therefore, with what the previous countries have done, combined with the information above, it is inevitable that a period of loss of communication between the autonomous robot Chuc Dung and the Chinese Spacecraft agency after landing can be questioned.

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Of course, the research activities of the autonomous robot Chuc Dung will not only stop at the first confirmed photo, but there will be many other studies that need to be done and the results will continue to be sent back to Earth. Let’s wait and see the other “discoveries” of the ship Zhu Rong sent by China.