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The ultimate deal on the new Xbox Game Pass is almost untrue

The ultimate deal on the new Xbox Game Pass is almost untrue

The deal for the new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is incredibly good and is here in time for Christmas. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Android. For $ 15 / month, you’ll get an Xbox Game Pass on all platforms, as well as bundled with Xbox Live Gold. That said, subscriptions usually cost $ 15 a month, but you can buy them for just $ 1. And if you subscribe through this transaction, you’ll be free for another two months. So now you can get an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for just $ 1 for three months, but it usually costs $ 45.

Unfortunately, this transaction isn’t available if you’ve already subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass. Rather, it is limited to new subscribers. It’s also a limited-time promotion, but it’s unclear how limited it is and when it will end. As a result, when reading this, it’s important to remember that the transaction may have expired.

It’s unclear how this offer will be beneficial to the Xbox, but it may not be, but the purpose may be to pull the player through the door and hook it up or want to forget to cancel. There is sex. Either way, it’s an incredible deal, but it’s not the first time Microsoft has actually offered it. It’s not common, but it has happened in the past.

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