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The United States allowed the restriction on the export of smartphones to Russia due to Ukraine - RBC

The United States allowed the restriction on the export of smartphones to Russia due to Ukraine – RBC

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WP: The United States is exploring the option of limiting the export of microelectronics to Russia due to Ukraine

Washington is exploring the possibility of implementing a rule that would control the export to Russia of goods using microelectronics created or developed using components or software related to the United States.

Photo: Alexander Kryazhev/RIA Novosti

The United States may tighten export controls on supplies to Russia in the event of its “invasion” of Ukraine, informs The Washington Post, citing representatives of the presidential administration. This can harm both some strategic industries, from artificial intelligence to civil aviation, and ordinary citizens, for example, dispossessing them of some models of smartphones, tablets and game consoles, they added. Information confirmed The Hill fountain.

In this case, Washington will invoke the foreign direct goods rule, which controls the export of microelectronics made from anything related to the United States. According to WP, almost all electronic products now include semiconductors, and “it’s hard to find a semiconductor on the planet that wasn’t made with American tools or designed with American software.” The newspaper also notes that Washington may try to force foreign companies to stop exporting such products to Russia.

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Photo: Stoyan Nenov/Reuters

Washington Post interlocutors say the administration is working with European and Asian partners to create a version of the rule that would hurt exports to Russia in the industries it cares about most: civil aviation, shipping and high-tech.

One of the newspaper’s sources explained that in this way the US could undermine the ability of these sectors to become engines of growth for the Russian economy.