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The United States knocks on Russia's doors ... and sends a warning on European security

The United States knocks on Russia’s doors … and sends a warning on European security

Intervals reason that United States Administration I “saw” the two suggestions you revealed Moscow, Friday, with the aim of reducing the American and Atlantic military influence in its surroundings.

Speaking to reporters on the plane carrying the president, he added. From the past On a short visit to South Carolina (southeast): “For decades we have been successful in negotiating with Russia on security issues. There is nothing stopping us from continuing, but we will do so in partnership and coordination with our European allies and partners. . “

And she continued: “We will never commit to Fundamental principles of European securityEspecially the right of all countries to determine their own destiny and foreign policy without being subject to any external influence.

The two Russian proposals, called a “Treaty between the United States and Russia on Security Assurances” and an “Agreement on Measures to Ensure the Security of Russia and Member States” of NATO, prohibit any further expansion of NATO and prevent the United States establishment. military bases in the former Soviet republics Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

Russia has proposed to negotiate “as of Saturday” with the United States the two proposals to avoid an escalation of tension in Europe, since the Americans and Europeans accuse Moscow of preparing to launch a military attack against Ukraine.

The United States has for weeks stressed its determination to act in close consultation with Europeans, ruling out bilateral talks between Moscow and Washington.