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The Voice: new coach, rules of the game... everything that will change in season 11

The Voice: new coach, rules of the game… everything that will change in season 11

the essential
A few weeks before the broadcast of the eleventh season of “The Voice”, TF1 announced the changes that await viewers.

Here’s “The Voice” again! While the last season, a version of “All stars” brought together talents who had already participated in telecrochet, TF1 is preparing to broadcast a new season. Already the eleventh edition of “The Voice”. This new season was detailed by Nikos Aliagas, the four coaches, the director of TF1 broadcast programs and the producer of ITV Studios France. The broadcast date has not yet been announced.

a surprise coach

The four coaches for the eleventh season will be Florent Pagny, Amel Bent, Vianney and Marc Lavoine. A fifth coach will join the cast: Nolwenn Leroy. The former winner of the “Academy of the Stars” will have a new role: she will be the “surprise trainer”. She will be able to pick four talents among the fifty candidates eliminated from the blind auditions. The four main trainers did not notice during filming. Having selected her talents, Nolwenn Leroy will be able to stage two battles. The winners will be able to join the main trainers.

The five coaches from season 11 of “The Voice”.
Photo Twitter @nikosaliagas

A new rule of the game

Between the blind auditions and the live broadcasts, the candidates will have to go through several stages. The test of the “battles”, a face to face between candidates, will be followed by the “cross battles” which are a confrontation between candidates from different teams with public voting on the set. New this year: there will be a new stage called “super cross battles”. At the end of this final showdown, the survivors will reach the semi-finals. The “KO” test, released in December 2018, is completely abolished.

An “extraordinary and different” cast

Can “The Voice” still find nuggets of the song? Yes, according to the director of streaming programs for the TF1 group. RĂ©mi Faure promises “an extraordinary and different cast”. The candidates will be between 16 and 71 years old, a father-son duo, groups, from very different worlds.