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The WhatsApp hack can now hide the chat without deleting it Follow this process to hide messages

The WhatsApp instant messaging application brings many features to bring good convenience to its users. In WhatsApp, you will find many of these functions that will completely change the style of your chat. Today we are going to talk about one of those functions through which if you don’t want to show your chat to anyone on WhatsApp, you can hide it without removing it immediately.

Yes, WhatsApp has the ability to hide messages. Here we tell you how to hide it without deleting the message. Know this method of asanas:

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Here’s how to hide the chat
>> First open WhatsApp and then click on the chat you want to hide.
>> Now tap and hold that chat. After this, some options will appear upwards. One of these will be Arrow’s option. Which is exactly the same as the three data and is the Archive button.
>> Tap the Archive button. Tapping it will create your chat file. And it will not be visible to anyone.

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Here’s how to hide hidden chat
Whenever you have to see this chat, you should scroll to the bottom of the WhatsApp chat where you will get the Archived option. Tapping it will archive the chat. If you want to unarchive it, press and hold it and tap the Archive icon above once more. This will cause your chat to be unarchived.