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There is a Terni heart beating on Facebook. The group “Terni Malandata” reaches 10,000 members


The name already makes it clear that it has never been a simple, and yet another, Facebook “group” that transmits disparate and relatively focused publications on the reality of Terni. We are really talking about something else. The story of “Terni Malandata”, told by Stefania Tommasi, one of the group’s collaborators, begins in 2013: “Everything arises from an idea of ​​two great friends, Gabriella Celati and Massimo” Max “Micanti”.

Micanti, who sadly passed away on July 21, 2015, was a well-known figure in the city. He had the heart of an artist, an excellent restorer of antique furniture, but above all he was viscerally in love with Terni. A love so great that it turned into suffering every time it perceived the slow decline of the city between disinterest and decadence. Based on that spirit, and that legacy of healthy activism for the city, the “Terni Malandata” group moved permanently to Facebook in 2014.

“Before officially landing on social networks – Tommasi recalls – we sensed the potential of networking when we took ourselves seriously, thanks to the generous insistence of Gabriella Celati, the playground of the Piazza Dalmazia park that was in very poor condition. , on that occasion, that unity is really strength. But to be incisive and representative we would have had to be many more. So we opened the Facebook group ”.

Arrival on Facebook

In 2015 the group had 600 members but progressively the numbers have been increasing day by day: “Currently the group is moderated by six people including me, but the soul is still Gabriella Celati. It is she who, publicly or privately, receives reports of citizens looking for a bank to solve their problems and many times, thanks to the network of contacts that we have also developed within the public administration, we are able to solve them.

The last case – says Stefania – is that of a homeless man who for days roamed the streets of Terni and, thanks to a report made by Gabriella to the municipal councilor for Wellbeing Ceccotti, that person was included in the vulnerability protection program “.

A landmark for the city

In short, with its 10,000 members, the “Terni Malandata” group is a benchmark for the city: “Politics is prohibited in the group,” Tommas notes, “we are not interested in taking sides with either side. Our policy is very strict because We believe that if we want to imagine the rebirth of Terni, we must develop a consistent behavior.

We care about the future of this city of ours and we will fight degradation in all its forms, denouncing, acting in the first person as we have always done, with the hope – he concludes – of always finding citizens and institutions attentive to the problems but also to the resources of this territory “.

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