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There is no way to move PS5 games from SSD • TECH GAMING REPORT


Also, PS5 game save data cannot be backed up to USB.

Continuing the PlayStation 5 review process, Digital Foundry today introduces a guided tour of a great new user interface, exploring the menu system and new features. During the recording of this video, some inconvenient issues became apparent. The big problem is this. Currently, there doesn’t seem to be a way to copy PS5 games from main system storage, which causes problems when the SSD is full. In this scenario, the only way to install a new game is to remove the old game. This means that you will have to re-download the game to play it again. Delete. Other In the process, I installed the PS5 game. PlayStation 4 games installed on PS5-are not affected-these it can Go to the external USB storage.

Like the Xbox Series consoles, next-generation games for the PS5 can only be run from internal storage (or a 1TB expansion card for Microsoft consoles), and so far Sony has whitelisted a third-party M.2. I have not. NVMe drive for additional solid state drive space. The difference here, however, is that the Xbox console allows you to archive all old and new games to external storage. You can’t run next-generation games from there, but at least you can shuttle titles to and from internal storage without having to re-download the titles. This doesn’t seem to be a viable solution for PS5.

To test this, I put the PS4 game in the PS5’s 667GB available storage and then tried installing a new PS5 title. The system requests to free up space as expected -And the only way to do that with PS5 game data is to remove it. In an era where games routinely break through the 100GB barrier, this raises the issue and we really hope Sony will address it as an urgent issue.

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John Linneman of Digital Foundry presents a guided tour of the PlayStation 5 user interface. Game storage options will appear around 9 minutes.

It’s less of a problem, but even more restrictive than PS4 is how to handle save data for PS5 games. The PS5 user interface allows you to back up and restore PS4 game data from USB. However, if you address the PS5 save, the USB option will be gone. This is a pure guess on my part, but the PS4 game save system was hacked years ago-and instantly tweak your saves with cheats or share your saves with other users. You can buy software that gives you platinum trophies, for example.

Putting the PS5’s stored data completely under Sony’s control improves security, but at the expense of user convenience. It’s important to emphasize that the PS5, like the solution used in Microsoft consoles since the launch of the Xbox One, automatically archives stored data by keeping it in the cloud.

SSD storage issues (and lack of PS5 title archiving options) are a concern, but we asked Sony for comment.

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