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There will be more icy days, winter tires alone will not be enough

There will be more icy days, winter tires alone will not be enough


02.15.2021. 20:46 – 15.02.2021. 21:13

When you get into your car, you will probably first quickly check to see if you have brought your driver and traffic license, if your mobile phone is there, fasten your seat belt and you are good to go. However, to be safe in your car in winter conditions, it is important to check a few more things

winter car, Photo: Shutterstock

First of all, it is important that your car is in good condition and that you have winter tires. In addition, it is important that you have the necessary chains in the car to circulate in certain sections, and it is also advisable to always have antifreeze on hand.

This is the most necessary for a safe trip in winter conditions, but there are a few more things that will be very useful on freezing days.

External phone charger

You don’t want to experience a scene from a horror movie and get stuck in the snow in the middle of nowhere, and your mobile phone battery is 1%. That is why it is advisable to always have an external mobile charger in the car, which will help you in such and similar situations.

Ice scraper

When the car is parked outside, in red, there is a chance that an ice coating will catch it on the car glass. In that case, an ice scraper will be of great help, to quickly clean the windows, lights and mirrors before leaving.


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If you get stuck somewhere, be it in the snow or in the mud, you will definitely want to have a shovel handy. With it, you can remove snow or mud around the tires or, depending on the situation, add more snow and improve tire grip.

Of course, it is not necessary to carry a large shovel in the car, there are also smaller and more compact ones that can be folded and therefore take up minimal space in the car.


You certainly haven’t thought about carrying a sandbag in your car, but it would be wise to store it in the trunk. That is, when you get stuck in snow or ice, pouring sand around the tires can help the tires grip better and give them the friction they need to start the car.


Not only will it be very useful if you need to get out of the car in the dark and check something in the trunk or under the hood, but it will also be safer because it will be more noticeable to other drivers.

Blankets and warm clothing

If you go everywhere by car, you probably won’t get too warm, considering that you don’t need thicker clothes to get from the car to the apartment or to work. However, if you find yourself in the uncomfortable situation of getting stuck somewhere in the snow, warm clothing will definitely come in handy.

So it’s not bad to pack a blanket and some sweaters, warm socks, waterproof boots in the trunk.

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