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These apps spy on your Android phone and steal data

These apps spy on your Android phone and steal data

This iOS functionality, as it is capable of restricting data collection, caused controversy: the company Facebook (today called Meta) made a statement against Apple’s labels and clarified that “even though they collect information from their users, they cannot make use of that data or sell it.”

However, according to an analysis by Macrumors, a website specializing in Apple news, Mobile apps like Snapchat and Facebook keep “spying” on iPhone users, as well as those of Android.

What both apps do is collect data without knowing that they are from a specific user, that is, it is totally anonymous.

Apple’s new policy actually succeeded depersonalize all kinds of data generated on a cell phone with iOS, but these can continue to be collected with the exception that the company will not recognize the device or who generated them.

However, It’s different on Android: users have to manually manage what information Facebook collects from them. Here’s how to prevent Facebook from collecting information on cell phones with Android operating system.

Facebook: how to prevent the app from spying on an Android cell phone

The social network Facebook (now called Meta) collects information from its users for marketing purposes. Precisely, it obtains data on online purchases, what contacts buy, the groups a person joins, interests, “likes”, time spent in the app; and then display ads tailored to each user.

To access all the information that Facebook collects about an account, you have to enter the app and click on “Settings”. Then, select “Your Facebook information” and finally in the “View” section.

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There, You can access all the information that Facebook has about a user depending on each category

It should be noted that all the information that Facebook collects is not used for malicious purposes, but rather the company uses it to fine-tune its advertising and ad algorithms.

If you want to limit the information that the social network has on a cell phone, you have to re-enter the “Your information on Facebook” menu and go to the section of “Facebook Activity”.

Step followed, disable future activity and remove access permissions to user information.

Apps that spy on cell phones

Today, all mobile apps collect information and data from their users. However, some are malicious and can steal messages, call logs, pictures, passwords and emails, record and take photos without permission, and more.

Next, the complete list of apps that spy on their users And they’re potentially dangerous, according to a latest Google survey.

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