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These are the advantages of Portrait Video Embedded on Oppo Reno6 5G series

These are the advantages of Portrait Video Embedded on Oppo Reno6 5G series

Jakarta, Selular.ID – Human beings have various types of emotions. Psychologist Paul Eckman identifies six basic emotions that are universally experienced in life: joy / happiness, surprise, sadness, anger, disgust, and fear.

Before the pandemic, 6 emotions were captured even more easily, through photographs. But over time, the presence of videos with various emotions captured in motion has improved because it can easily lead us to situations where emotions are captured directly.

Patrick Owen, creative director of OPPO Indonesia, said that Oppo through the Reno6 5G series, which is coming soon, invites us to relive the ‘forgotten emotion’ and capture emotions with excellent video functions that are worth waiting for.

“The upcoming Oppo Reno6 5G Series will soon introduce Portrait Video that is equipped with superior features that capture emotions through video for the better, such as Bokeh Flare Portrait and AI Highlight Video that have been optimized for computerized photography algorithms,” said Patrick.

Capture emotions perfectly

Portrait video is suitable for capturing details about the subject of the photo. For example, all human emotions are captured from the face and upper body to postures that support the emotions.

Vertical video allows the resulting video to be displayed in full screen mode. Videos taken with Landscpe do not provide a full view on the smartphone. With a full screen display, the details of the expression are captured perfectly, such as the fine lines on the edges of the lips when smiling, or the wrinkles on the forehead when surprised, etc.

Best for Portait Video in the smartphone category

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Oppo Reno6 Series 5G supports cinematic bokeh effect. Bokeh Flare portrait video supports more dramatic images by adjusting the size and brightness according to camera movement and photo subject and can provide immediate preview.

Video Features of Oppo Reno6 5G and Oppo Reno6 PRO 5G

• Bokeh Flare video effects
The Bokeh Flare video effects function can be performed with the front camera and the rear camera. Bokeh Flare Portrait Video uses OPPO’s proprietary AI algorithm to identify the actual light source behind the subject and create bokeh light spots at various depths. Things that could only be done with professional cameras before can now be done with Oppo Reno6 5G and Oppo Reno6 PRO 5G.

Video results with Bokeh Flare video effect can be seen immediately in 10 seconds. “What you see is what you get.” You should try shooting a video when you turn your living room into a makeshift concert hall with colored lights and become the star. Share this video with your extended family, and they may think you are in a real concert situation.

• AI portrait video expert
Don’t worry about backlighting when you have to record your training session on your balcony or about dark colors when trying to shoot a video at dusk. Oppo Reno6 5G and Oppo Reno6 PRO 5G have AI Highlight Video for night / dark and day / light conditions. With Oppo Ultra Night Video, the algorithm will increase the brightness and use the real colors recorded by AI to significantly improve the video quality and color clarity so that the textures of the objects in the video remain perfect and visible, even when filmed. in darker areas. As for the day / light area, the Oppo Reno6 5G is equipped with AI Highlight Video Live HDR where the algorithm will adjust the lighting and add colors according to the original color. Oppo Reno6 PRO 5G is equipped with DOL-HDR which improves video quality with clearer and more lifelike colors and 4 times the dynamic range of videos.

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Patrick added: More on the features that support Portrait Video will be delivered at the Oppo Reno6 Series 5G launch later. Portrait Video is set to become a trend this year, and Oppo says it will provide everything content creators, creativity junkies and other artists need to stay ahead of the Portrait Video trend.