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These novelties await you this year


Smartphones have been an integral part of our daily lives for many years. Even more than 10 years after the triumph of the smartphone, manufacturers can continue to inspire us with new products. Better cameras, faster screens, and shorter loading times are just some of the innovations of the last few years. We take a look at what you can expect this year and show you the smartphone trends for 2022.

Affordable foldable smartphones are here

The foldable smartphone has been in the discussion for a few years. Since the presentation of foldable samsung galaxy At the beginning of 2019, two possible concepts prevailed. One folds a normal sized smartphone as a a book to a tablet device. The other folds a full-size smartphone like a makeup mirror to fit more easily in a pocket.

With the new Galaxy Z Flip3, this device category became affordable for the first time in 2021. The foldable smartphone from Samsung it only costs as much as a “normal” manufacturer’s flagship. In 2022, we expect a larger selection of foldable smartphones from different manufacturers. In addition to Samsung are here in particular opposite and xiaomi in conversation. But the best-selling product is likely to come again from Samsung’s Flip series this year.

This year we can also expect exciting innovations in the field of foldables. For example TCL has just introduced several new folding and winding concepts. But will we be able to fold all our smartphones in the future? No. Rather, folding technology is becoming a new option when shopping for a smartphone, similar to the way you can pick up a smartphone with a pen.

Smartphone trends 2022: 5G will become the standard

No other mobile communications standard has caught on as fast as 5G. In the high-end segment, the new mobile communications standard in 2020 was usually only available for a surcharge. Just one year later, there is no longer a high-end smartphone without 5G.

This trend will continue in 2022. The same should be done by the Samsung middle class with the Galaxy A53 and A73 they come with 5G support as standard. Also in the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2022 Series there is a 5G model for the first time. As the year progresses, we will see fewer and fewer smartphones that only support LTE/4G. Only in the entry range below 200 euros will 5G continue to be the exception.

It’s still exciting when the top three mobile communications providers decide 5G network it is also made available to other providers. So far, not even its own subsidiary brands Congstar, Blau and Otelo have offered such contracts. That could change this year. However, it will likely be a long time before Aldi Talk and Co. offers 5G as well.

Good displays are becoming affordable

AMOLED is only available for high-end smartphones. This statement is no longer true in 2022. AMOLED technology screens offer strong colors, true black and also save battery because each pixel can light itself. A backlight is not required as with LC or IPS screens.

In 2022, budget smartphones will also increasingly rely on this display technology. so it is for example Poco M4 Pro recently introduced from Xiaomi for less than 200 euros with a 90 Hertz AMOLED screen.

A higher refresh rate will also be normal in 2022. With a smartphone over 200 euros, 90 Hertz is almost second nature. If you spend a little more, you even get a 120 Hertz panel. Smartphones with the 60 Hertz standard like just a few years ago are a rarity this year.

Loading times will get shorter and shorter in 2022

When Quick Charge was introduced in 2013, the charging speed for smartphones was only 5 watts. A lot has happened since then and the Chinese manufacturers BBK (Oppo, one plus and real me) and Xiaomi regularly break each other with new charging records. Oppo is expected to launch the first smartphone with a 150-watt charger later this year. A full charge would take just 15 minutes at this charging speed. At the MWC, the manufacturer is already showing a prototype with a 240-watt power supply.

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