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These paid apps and games are free on the Play Store today

These paid apps and games are free on the Play Store today

As usual, the comparison between Android and other mobile platforms continues and in various aspects. After comparing various opportunities that mobile operating systems offer, we turn to the great degree of versatility that the green robot can offer compared to the others.

Precisely this turns out to be an unprecedented peculiarity for many, especially if you are going to evaluate the great work of Google fact about it. The renowned American company has done everything possible so that its users can modify their smartphone internally. The goal was for people not to get tired of the usual mobile operating system or perhaps the usual basic interface. All this was possible thanks also to the presence of Play store from Google, which is now a milestone across the mobile world. Inside it is not difficult to find the right content for you, be it an application or a game. All titles are available both free and paid within the famous marketplace, which these days is in the mood for discounts. In fact, many content will be free rather than paid. To get the best deals in the world too Amazon we recommend ours official Telegram channel. Click here get in.

Android just for today offers many free paid titles on the Play Store

The usual list of free content is also available today for Android users. Here is the complete list: