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these play store titles are free today only, here are apps and games

these play store titles are free today only, here are apps and games

The news is always around the corner, especially when it comes to the operating system Android. On all smartphones green robot now it has become an institution, even if the competition can have a say without too much trouble.

Each enhancement was introduced for one purpose: to widen the gap with other mobile platforms. As the numbers reveal, Android would have been successful in its attempt, going further 2 billion active users all over the world. These, at least once a month, would use their mobile device with the operating system on board, which is capable of offering unprecedented opportunities in other realities. One of them is the extreme versatility, which little by little managed to become the strong point of Android. Being able to modify the platform to your liking is a not inconsiderable advantage, since it allows users to never get tired. Also in the Play store during these days there will be sales, which will lead users to download Titles for a fee one way free.

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Android: These paid titles are free for today only

The usual list of paid titles free for just a few days also arrives today for Android users. Below the list with all Link direct dedicated to download:

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