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Best 2 Finger Claw Control

This 2 Finger Claw Set up Format for PUBG Cellular Helped me alot!

Most of the peoples are inquiring me for, Greatest 2 Finger Claw Setup Layout for PUBG Cellular. So I did exploration on this topic and pick some OP layouts and Set up which will Certainly Get you ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’.

Some Peoples may well begin evaluating concerning 4 Finger Layout VS 2 Finger Format. I am likely to response that issue.

Truth: 30% of Conquerers Makes use of 2 Fingers Layout to Enjoy PUBG Cell.

Now, Without the need of losing time I am heading to present you some of the Most effective PUBG layouts for 2 Finger Claw Setup.

Greatest 2 Finger Claw Layout Placing

Ideal 2 Finger Claw Format Placing
  • In Over 2 Finger Claw Format, You are working with still left for motion, And Right for Aiming+Firing at a time.
  • “Scope and Jump” Buttons are positioned with the Hearth button. This will Help Jumping and Firing Quickly (Handy for TDM Sniping)
  • Crouch and Susceptible are placed at the base of the Fire button. Which would make less complicated to inclined or crouch even though worst-circumstance circumstance.
  • Peek and Scope are Put at the Still left Top rated corner. Which can be applied by the Index finger or Left Thumb.
  • It is better than the 4 Finger Claw format.

Straightforward 2 Finger Claw Format

My buddy works by using the beneath layout and he experienced Destroy-Ratio of 4-5. He succeeds to maintain his Get rid of ratio superior as a 4 Finger Regulate Claw Participant

PUBG 2 finger claw control setup.jpg
Basic 2 Finger Claw Format

2 Finger Claw Layout for Notch Mobiles

You can use the earlier mentioned Claw Controls for Notch Mobiles. You just have to alter the format by 1cm. You can disable the notch on several cell telephones.