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This app for Android texts and calls from Windows 10 beats Google Messages. The mechanism is as follows


You have full control of your mobile phone from your computer.

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How seamlessly do Apple users brag about themselves? iPhone, iPad And Mac All work together. And for the longest time they had the right to brag. But Microsoft phone Windows 10 apps ($158 on Amazon) We’re catching up quickly, and in a sense, overtaking Apple.

Google tried to close the gap with Messages for Web. This allows Android owners to send and receive text messages from any computer. However, the service will stop there.

To view notifications, make phone calls, and access camera rolls, you need to use an app from Microsoft’s Your Phone. Below, we’ll set it up and explain what you can do in each tab of the app. If you are using a new Samsung Galaxy smartphone such as Note 20 UltraYou can also run the Android app on your computer.

Overall, it’s pretty nice, and what I’ve been using for the past week. One thing is obvious after I use it. Google’s messaging options are excellent, but none of the whole package Microsoft has built into Windows 10.


Your phone works with Android smartphones running Android 7 and above.

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Set up phone app on PC and Android device

The Your Phone app is already installed on your computer as long as you have the Windows 10 October 2018 Update installed. It’s not bad to click to make sure your PC is running the latest version of Windows. start > Configuration > Update and security > Check for updates Install pending updates.

Open the Your Phone app on your PC and sign in to your Microsoft account.

Android smartphones must have Android 7.0 or later. If you build your smartphone within the last few years, you’re fine. You can double check the version of Android running in the settings app.

Open a browser on your Android phone and type: In the address bar. Use your smartphone to play[スマートフォン]Go to the list of apps or Compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphonesGo to the Link to Windows app in the Play Store.


For Android smartphone setup, you just have to follow the prompts and authorize the device when requested.

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Download and install the app, then sign in to the app using the same Microsoft account that is linked to your Windows 10 computer.

Follow the prompts in the Your Phone app on your computer and the phone itself. From access to notifications, to allowing access to text messages and phones, there are a set of permissions that need to be approved.

With the app installed, signed in and all permissions approved, you are ready to take full control of your phone from your computer.

Android notification triage

Instead of skimming your phone to see if there are new notifications,[通知]Use the tabs to prioritize mobile alerts. The first time you open the tab, you’ll have to make some additional settings, but as long as you follow the computer and mobile phone prompts, it’s easy.

App notifications that are allowed to be displayed on the computer and app notifications that are displayed on the computer[設定]The panel allows you to control which notifications are displayed on your smartphone.

Your phone text message

You can use your computer to send and receive text and image messages.

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Continue that text conversation

My favorite feature of using your phone is being able to send and receive text messages on my computer. Works the same as Google’s Message for Web, but instead of using a website, you access your messages directly in the Phone app.

You will receive notification of new messages. You can quickly reply to text fields so you can send GIFs, photos, and videos from both your mobile phone and your computer.

You can also view the photos someone has sent to you, but you will need to use your mobile phone to view the videos.

The best part? It doesn’t matter what text messaging app you use on your Android phone. Google Messaging for the web requires you to use that particular app, but your phone works with anything.

So far, we have encountered two potential drawbacks. If you use Google’s Messaging app, archived conversations will still appear in your Phone app as active conversations. And, at random, the phone and PC get out of sync and the message disappears from your computer. However, at the top of the screen[更新]Clicking the button usually resolves it.

Your phone photo

Photos and screenshots are available immediately.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani / CNET

Access photos and screenshots

[写真]Select the tab to view photos and screenshots stored on your phone. You can drag and drop anything from this tab to your computer’s desktop or open it in another app on your computer.

Your phone limits what you see to the last 2,000 items, but in most cases that’s enough. If you recently took a picture or screenshot but it does not appear, click the refresh button at the top of the window.

Phone prompt

You can make and receive phone calls using your Android smartphone on your computer.

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Make and receive phone calls

Instead of making and receiving calls and answering calls, use your PC. Before making or receiving a call, click the Phone tab in the Phone app on your computer and follow the instructions. To make a call, you must enable Bluetooth on both the phone and your computer.

When the additional settings are complete, the incoming call will appear on your computer as a notification. Similarly, dial the number or[電話]You can make a call by selecting from the contacts on the tab.


Duo also allows you to run Android apps on your desktop.

Run Android apps on Windows 10

Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage of using your phone is that you can use the apps installed on your Android phone directly on your computer. So you don’t have to pick up your smartphone if you just want to scroll your TikTok or access apps to control lighting.

Currently, the functionality is limited to Samsung phones, Microsoft Surface Duo Also supports features Released on September 10..

If you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, use the Your Phone app on your computer.[アプリ]You can click the tab to access the Android app. Check out our complete guide for more information on this feature Run an Android app on your PC using your smartphone..


Microsoft Surface Duoの開梱:中身



最後に、[設定]Click the tab. There you have the option to control app notifications that appear on your computer, turn on or off access to your photos, disable calls if you have too many calls, mark notifications as read There are options to control the timing.

If you have a Samsung phone, you can also copy and paste the information between your phone and your computer.

Now you have full control of your Android phone on your Windows 10 PC, so in minutes Tweak your computer so it runs smoothly.. we There are also some Windows 10 tips and tricks worth checking out.. Also, be sure to check out the main features of Android 11., Next big update from Google.

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